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Be open for something new – this blog is new territory for the AVFD. So we can also try new things here. Coach Trabi (Robert Melzer) I noticed during the camp for his inexhaustible work frenzy, his great knowledge and willingness, to share this knowledge and to pass it on. What could be more obvious than to create a corner here in the blog for exactly this purpose. I was able to win over Coach Trabi, to regularly post articles on American football techniques. A series about the little things in football is planned. Short posts, each showing only a small aspect of football. They are general and do not always correspond to the techniques coached in the national team. This series is intended to be helpful for all players and fans interested in football. The same applies to national players: Your coordinator or position coach is responsible for any questions.

At the start there is a personal impression of Robert from the training camp, before we go to medias res next time.


Andreas Gebek

Welcome to
Coach Trabi’s Tips & Tricks.

It is the idea of ​​press spokesman Andreas Gebek, To open an area here where I can speak about old and new in American football.

Before the first camp in Cologne, I had little to do with women's football, I was all the more pleased about the nomination as coach of the women's national team. Accordingly, I began my work with an absolutely open mind and full of curiosity.

I noticed it the first time I met, that there is a lot of potential and a thirst for knowledge among women. Of course we want to breastfeed it here.

What do we want to start with??

I would say, that we start with the most important foundation: Be open for something new.

Football has, how we all know, continuously developed over many years. That always led to new techniques and game systems. Only those who remain open to new things, listening and adapting to innovations can be successful in the long run.

I will try to explain one thing or the other to you here, so that we can get even better at our favorite sport.

Before we get started with the techniques, I would like to say a word to all of them, who unfortunately didn't make it into the national team's 45 squad, judge.

You made it to the camp in Silberborn, Nobody can take that away from you. You are one of the 75 best female football players in Germany. If you take a closer look, you will find out, that you on your position to the e.g. best 10 Wide Receiver, the best 12 Defense Backs etc. heard. The decision, who is allowed to go to Sweden, can therefore only be read from the little things that we coaches see in the players. Believe me, it was not an easy decision for us.

Please keep everyone so ambitious and enthusiastic about football, so that the decision about the next World Cup or European Championship will be even more difficult.


Your coach Trabi (Robert Melzer)

„Be Prepared” „Be on Time“ „Be Perfect“ but „ Be Flexible“

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