The Chronicles of Aurea Moguntia


We have Easter Sunday and I'm still not sure, what to make of last year. seen football technically.

The away game against Bochum opened my Mainz coach, that he wants me in the national team, and I reply with the utter conviction: “Nein! So what I will definitely not make!”. Today I sit at the computer and read to me repeatedly in disbelief Christiane email by, In which stands, that I can take to Stockholm. (O.o)

In late summer, the information comes, I'm invited to tryout to Cologne. All right then, I do not have so alone in the lion's den and must 5 take my teammates. The relaxed uncommonly. less relaxed – and linked to some debates with my GP – are the broken outer bands, accompany me to tryout. Since I had to listen to some sayings me already “but, you are one of the crazies, playing a scrimmage in front of one week tryout yet!” … “Ja, just one of which I am.” My fighting spirit is aroused! So what I still will not let me sit on! ATTACK!

The phase of waiting begins. Time turned, then hopeless, euphoric times, times on the verge of madness. My immediate surroundings must withstand a lot. comes closer the January, the higher the probability, I about Sweden, World Cup and football talk. Wie gut, I by snow, Skier, Snowboards and children'm distracted. Am 7.1.2010 one 9:14H shaken a cheer Austria. I get a text message from good old Germany by Jörg: “Congratulations you're in, like all of us!” The first one has to digest and watch, that you can not choking on his Nuttellabrötchen! \(*.*)/

The March coming and with it the jitters. In the office I am frequently asked, When the camp is and whether you must then get out to get his pompom, to be my cheerleader. In the week before the camp, I have a hard time, to focus on the work and do not only with the packing list, the departure time, to deal with the Defense Playbook and recent motivational words from coach. Thank God I'm drowning close to working and can thus maintain my nerves and must not be afraid, completely to spin the wheel.

And then he's there. The day, where it's on to new pastures. The next step on the way to “Glory”.

After a sleepless night I collect Sharon and Sonja in Mainz. Together we nozzles 30 Kilometers to Becky, to meet there Michelle and very environmentally friendly to heat with natural gas to Silberborn. Time we have enough in the luggage…Oh I, Luggage we have enough. If we had originally planned to sixth driven to Camp, we would have had a real space problem. In this case the car was a Van! (O.O)

Actually we had planned, again together to go through the Play Books, ultimately, however, we have dealt with Becky Sociology Summary. Simmel and Co. accompanied us all the way from Frankfurt to Holzminden.

Silberborn, Welcome to the Nowhere! Although I am a country girl, but so rural I do not need it actually. Felt 50 Km no Aldi, no Lidl and no gas station. Moment. A gas station we found! Abstoppen, cyberspace and tight cuddle with the gas column. who knows, if have on the land also open on Sundays here! Nein, it was not so bad. We just came from the wrong side. From others we experienced at the weekend, that it 10 Minutes even a McDonald's! Our navigation system is simple diet friendly!

The weekend is quickly told. Regen, theory, Regen, Training, essen, Regen, theory, mud fight, sleep. Aufstehn, essen, theory, Mud pack for good of Lower Saxony Moor Mud, essen, theory, even more mud, sleep. My new washing machine will rejoice!

Essen. Important! Important! Unfortunately, the kitchen is not over 70 starved women designed…at least not Friday evenings. I guess, they did not expect this hungry crowd, the like Piranhias crashes on the fried potatoes. Who comes last, is content with bread and salad. True to the motto of the weekend “Be flexible” Comment from the kitchen: “The fried potatoes were only a side dish!” *LoL*
The Küchenfeen have learned. On Saturdays and Sundays enough because there are delicious taster vegetable soup. A decent steak would have been personally prefer me. (^.^)

And then it was over, with this stage. Monday morning moves the laundry in the full-automatic washing machine and must be washed twice, unfortunately,, because Silberborner mud settles deep in pores. I'm back in the office and enjoy the rest, that the holidays bring with them. Am i exhausted? Ja. Mental. The inner tension drops and I'm back in the here and now. Back in reality. My inner maneuver criticism tells me, that I could have done a lot better. Andy's pictures speak a similar language. The training units at home are again detached from all stress, and I find it real relaxation, to be able to fool around with my girls again and to know, that this is the realm of football, that I can just have fun with, without feeling the pressure of scouting on your neck. Ultimately, it's two worlds. The world of the national team, in which I want to perform, because I am a national player and therefore do a competitive sport, and the world in the club, where we all play, because we enjoy it and wherever we go “unpacks the biscuits”, silly when warming up, childish little songs and still wants to win.

My family, Friends and colleagues respond with cheers to Christiane's e-mail and I am sitting in front of my computer again, wondering, where the past weekend has gone. It's really surreal. We are with 5 Girls from Mainz drove to Silberborn and continue to Sweden as well. The rookie team from the south, that was launched last year, provides the most players in the national team after two first division clubs. And me? I, always one 4, when volleyball was played one 3, had in sports, is in the squad at a World Cup and wears the colors of their nation. Can someone wake me up, please?? That must be a dream! \(*.*)/

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