Be One – Support Germany


This goes to the families, Friends and teams of the 45 squad, to the 30 Girls who do it
have not made it into the squad and all people who are interested in women's football.
Now that is certain 45 Women at the World Cup in Stockholm the colors black and red-
Gold are represented, Now is the time to think about fan support
In the survey on were 39,4% think that Germany is the bronze-
Can / will win medal. Until then, it's a tough job. But they will
45 Women with the help of the coaches do everything they can to meet expectations. It is
however clear, that these “Mission” without any support on the stadium ranks yet
is harder.
Only with a lot of effort, Willingness to win and commitment of all involved is the goal set
to reach. Also, look in your wallets, books a vacation in beautiful Stockholm and
comes to the stadium when Germany plays.

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