How good is the United States?


This is a question many fans and members of the German national team. Finally, the United States is simply THE homeland of our sport. Even if the woman football in the US beiweitem has less tradition than that of men, and probably less than the woman's Football in Germany, so the United States is always the yardstick. There is simply too much know-how and enthusiasm in this country for the football. As the team just has to be good. It seems almost impossible, that someone is different from the United States champion.

But as four of the six participants in the World Cup, so also the US national team has never played a game. So one has to rely on the comparison and a forecast on videos of clubs.

A good source of videos from the United States webpage

After registering you can find here videos of the IWFL International Womens Football League.

The evaluation and assessment of subjetktive performance is up to each own. The objective result will be clarified in Stockholm on the field.

Oh I, and will wear the Team USA:

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