Fan Club for Gabi Duvinage


In Facebook, a fan club for quarterback Gabi Duvinage founded. Within a short time have already 47 members found. The goal of the fan club: Gabi is to start for Germany!

Gabi Duvinage of the Nuremberg Hurricanes is one of the few players, who are familiar with since the beginning of the Ladies League. For many it is a symbol for women's football itself. With two German league titles and numerous victories it has proved, that it is one of the best players. By their attitude to sport and athleticism she has earned the respect and sympathy of many players and fans from all over Germany.

The race for the great task, to lead Germany at the World Cup as a quarterback and be allowed to play in the historic premiere, however, is completely open. Besides Gabi Duvinage go Bathseba Buczylowski (Cologne Falconets) und Anjouly Eyfferth (Wolfenbüttel Black Widows) into the race. “All three have shown in Silberborn, that they have what it takes, to represent Germany at the World Cup” as press spokesman Andreas Gebek. “otherwise they would not have been nominated. Who will prevail in the end, will only show the camp in Strausberg. Each quarterback has a chance here, to prove himself. The performance at the Camp decides on the play. At the moment there is no order. ”!/group.php?gid=128674237159662&v=wall

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