Facts about the team: Usually customer on board


If the women's team travels to Sweden, then a country Referee chairman will be there.

Strictly speaking, a country Referee chairwoman.

Yvonne Mechsner from AFCV Berlin-Brandenburg is responsible for all referees in their national association. So the players of the national team are active not only as players, but also support their favorite sport in many different ways. For the development of American football the assistance in volunteering is an important base. As the players of the national team do not want to stand back.

In the National Team, the 32 year-old Yvonne Mechsner plays Defense Tackle. The German Champion of the Berlin cobras has gained much recognition in training camp and will include in Stockholm at the Pillars of Defense.

So if you soon see a game in Berlin-Brandenburg, they know now, who has divided the referee for this game.

Oh yes, it is not of course the only referee in the team…

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