US- Women's team wants to gold medal


Jörg Schlüter from Huddle takes a look at the competition from overseas:

The Women's Football Team of the USA is considered the big favorite for the first Women's Football World Cup in Stockholm. A few players, belonging to the 45er squad of the United States, Your thoughts and joyful anticipation have put on paper. It appears, that the favorites are emotionally upset and just like all other athletes on the first World Cup 2010 happy in Sweden.

Roseanna Smith is the Center of the American attack. In the IWFL plays for Atlanta Xplosion and, of course, looking forward, that one of her dreams can come true. Smith works for the American Junior Golf Association. In high school she practiced the sports of swimming, Soccer and football and was the first girl at school, playing in a IWFL football team.

"I'm incredibly excited, since I have been selected for Team USA. It is a honor, the have to thank many people I. Like most players in our team full-time are all employed and had always a lot of passion in the Football stuck. It has not always been easy, to exercise our sport. But this World Cup will move women's football also with us in the right light. "

Jennifer Blum, is a wide receiver and plays for the New York Sharks. Professionally, she has worked in the city as a lawyer and is as it were always directly from the courtroom for training. She played already in the "Little League" baseball and football as a teenager, has experience in Tai Kwan Do, spent three years captain of the Ithaca College softball team and a member of a baseball league. Blum also played in the year 1999 in the first team, he and New York Sharks 2008 for the USA Football Women's Flag Football Team.

“Six days a week I dedicate myself to the American Football. In my life there are currently only food, Drink, Sleep and Football. "Blum shares some information is also available in addition to the usual pathos, clarify the claim of the United States. "We take the World Cup very seriously and are preparing intensively for the trip to Sweden. The IWFL season is underway and so the players in the form will be. Several of us, are looking for an extra training, to better prepare. We hold each contact and use of this e-mail and Facebook. The team meets this summer in Texas (Round Rock, Tx am 18. June) for a short camp. We also motivate us with mobile phone SMS`s each other (train harder).“

“The event is all important for us, because it means the highlight of our career. Every woman in the IWFL has a different reason, why they play football and each has to tell a different story. But for the 45 Executive members, the United States represent, Summer is incredibly surreal. A win is therefore mandatory for us. "

Smith wants absolutely nothing to hide about the goal of the American mission "My goal is to bring in the first place for our team the gold home. I also hope, that we make ourselves and our country proud, as we like warriors fight and stand up with respect for each other.”

Der US-Verband hat natürlich auch ein ähnliches Ziel für die WM vorgegeben: „Mit einem Kader, der mit Spielerinnen Blum und Smith voll gepackt ist, sollte es nicht allzu schwierig sein, den Stolz für die Vereinigten Staaten zu verdienen. Es wäre eine besondere Anerkennung für den US-Frauenfußball nach so einem langen Weg.“

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