Be one – Logo for Fan TShirt available


From now on, the official German World Cup fan Shirt logo!

Already often players and fans have asked: How can I make known as a fan of the German national me in Sweden?

For all the fans there is now a fan's shirt logo to download. It is a modification of the official logo, be equipped with the players.

In a few steps, you can now get their own fan T-shirt:

  1. download Logo
  2. go with the file in the Copy Shop
  3. Select T-Shirt
  4. pay
  5. T-Shirt take
  6. T-shirt to put on and show all

The use, in particular the commercial use, the logo is permitted only with permission. They are allowed under

Coat of sw PDF
From coat 4c PDF
Coat of SW EPS
From coat 4c EPS

Note: right mousekey, “save target as” to save the file.

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