Even two weeks…


… then we go to the training camp in Strausberg. Oh man, two weeks yet, then the third training camp this season is on the agenda. 1. Silberborn (end of March), 2. Strausberg (Easter), Strausberg (end June). For us, Berlin Strausberg's no stranger, we annually attend our training camp there. I am very pleased, but this time to train with the Natio :-).

The butterflies in your stomach is also increasingly. The helmet is there and sparkles me now (quite naked) an. He cries out for the sticker with the German eagle.

A red mouthpiece and a black Scullcap also waiting to be picked up.

But now is starting the great Plan of:

  • What I take to training camp with? As a Berlin one has the advantage, that are no longer needed items can be picked up by someone. (but who?)
  • What I take with me to Sweden? In 20kg baggage allowance included. Equipment must that be considered.
  • exchange money. How much will I need crowns well? Oh man, why Sweden has not adopted the euro, that would make everything much easier
  • Is my travel insurance still valid?
  • And very important, Who takes care of my farm? 😉 (Some becoming understood)
    (Editor's note: The hotel has free Wi-Fi and freises computers should be numerous there.)

Fragen über Fragen, which need to be clarified in the remaining weeks which, then all “relaxed” to travel to Sweden.

And then we go right. No later than the first game, when we run for the first time in our game outfit on the square and the National Anthem (ups, I must have still learning ;-)) hear, is me (An)almost tear voltage. But it will be worth :-).

We'll see each other soon…

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