So lange Football spielen, wie die Füße einen tragen…


Zu den jungen Talenten im Damenfootball gehört auch Ariane Parusel von den Berlin Kobra Ladies. Your thoughts on the World Cup anticipation the defender gladly told us. Hello Ariane, Rendezvous but first ask again for us.

Ariane Parusel: So my name is Ariane Parusel, 19 Years old and currently doing my A-levels. In my club, the Berlin Kobra Ladies I play offensive and defensive line. Of course, it may happen once that as a linebacker transferring. In the National Playing Defense End. Is there something else other than football in your life?

Ariane Parusel: what life? Nein, was just a fun. on I, as I said, I'm doing at the moment my Abi, in which I had to invest a lot of time over the past year. How did you come to for Football? Since when have you been playing football?

Ariane Parusel: 2003, at the time I had operated for six years Athletics, I moved with my mom to Erkner. There I got to do something for the first time with Football, because the athletics club had parallel with the Foot Shooting Training. This sport, I immediately found fascinating. Now it was only with 12 to persuade years my mother, I must try this sport. Thus I play now since 2003 American Football. Do you think, that you can assert yourself as a starter in the national team?

Ariane Parusel: I have to say, that I, as Defense End'm not so experienced, but I can say it only, that I want to do my best and be and the rest is left to the coaches! Have to completion camp in Straussberg still in touch with your national team colleagues and coaches?

Ariane Parusel: We players meet even at the point of playing DBL 1 and all compliment each other for inclusion in the national team. What do you think, is sporty possible in Stockholm?

Ariane Parusel: Ich glaube, Germany is in the women's football has progressed. You can see that it, that we have two leagues. I also believe, that the whole team plus staff and coaches put all the energy into this World Cup. And how you finance the World Cup costs?

Ariane Parusel: I am a student – I got advanced to them. From family and friends. And now I try with small jobs, provided that the Abiprüfungen take my time, reinzukriegen that money back, to repay it! Do you already have ideas, what is happening, if you were to return to Germany and you had the title in his luggage?

Ariane Parusel: I can even now not even grasp, that I may be at a World Cup here. To me it will probably be only clear, when two different national anthems are played.

In the German championship only one is indeed played! – and if we had the title in his luggage, I could probably only once not realize. But I would be proud, to the girls, Coaches, Staff – the first national team in women's football in 2010. How will it go sporty after the World Cup for you?

Ariane Parusel: I'll try, as long as continuing to play football, as it is possible for me.

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