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How could this happen actually, I started with a hobby and am going to smash soon as a member of the national team, the German national anthem in the stadium Zinkensdamm?

Many years ago, it must so 1995 have been, I slipped gradually, Thanks to the football loving family of my then boyfriend, Piece by piece in the lifestyle of American Football. The games were at night from the few friends, that could receive the games, videotaped and freshly duplicated among friends distributed.

Really grabbed me but only the enthusiasm for the sport at the XXXII. Greenbay Packers Superbowl against the Denver Broncos. The game was the most exciting, which I had ever seen and the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Jon Elway, played with so much heart and soul, I had never experienced it in another sport. I wanted to try this sport! woman only how and where testing a male-dominated sport testosterone?

As if my question been answered, I found I 1999 a display on the local calendar of events. The Mülheim Shamrocks searched for their women's team gain and invited on trial. I liked very much, that girls and women of any figure and all ages were sought. Since I was always "mopsigen" more of the sort, came to me naturally opposed. I grabbed my roommate and dragged her to the winter training.

The coach drove us in the weeks around and around the winter sports field and on Sunday at the Circle in the sports hall. In the sports hall we got in theory lessons the basics of American football and later the moves taught and required in small groups technical principles and movements.

The team was (and it is to this day) a Sammelsorium of characters, the inspired me from the beginning. I had already been in the swimming club before and was for many years in the Riding Club Show Jumping, but so well I had felt in any sports group.

Then the first external training came up to me in full equipment. I was informed about, that really Football was played, and in my first training I was pushed over the place, getackled and blocked. I felt after exercise muscles that I had not even previously suspected, I had this at all! But never before had I felt so comfortable after a sports unit.

The first game was followed and I felt no planning on the field (I was also likely). Cried the coach really just my name on the field? followed game to game and the theory lessons gradually added together with the practice into a whole. In addition to the sport itself, I had a new one in my team, solid circle of friends found. followed year on year; for me, my team has developed into a kind of family. We are living together successes and failures; we celebrate together the same way, as it sometimes crashes in the rafters. So it should be even and so that's a bunch of women.

Meanwhile we played against teams in Germany, the Bundesliga was founded, they even shared in 1. und 2. Bundesliga. And then, 2009, after several years in 1. Bundesliga Women, burst in football Germany the bomb. There should be a female national team, which will compete in Sweden at the World Championships in.

The coaches of the teams should send the favorites of your team to try-out, for the first selection process. Unfortunately I was not there. My coach had considered my job-related training low participation to the law and not proposed me. Kinked I took the back.

I was happy of course for the nominee of my team, but still nibbling at my scratched Ego. A coach of a friendly team suggested me afterwards and put in a good word for me (thanks again, Tom!), so I was finally still invited to try-out to Cologne. I ran, sprang, and played my soul from my untrained body. I struggled on the final gum. If I do not do it now would be included in the National team squad, when then?

A few weeks and abgenkabberte fingernails later extended squad was clear, who was invited in Silberborn for the first training camp and I was there! over 100 Girls and women met for a long weekend, to show the coaches of the national team, that they are in the squad 45 chosen among. Three days in rain and mud full of emotions and hopes, Cold and fatigue paid off. The final A-team was clear and I had managed. Three of my Shamrock teammates and I are now on the safe way to Sweden for the World Cup in Stockholm. Day after day spin emails with instructions and schedules in my mailbox day after day can I believe it less, that we travel in a few days already in the preparation camp near Berlin, to from 27. participate in June at the Women's World Championship. Am 29. June we will meet our first opponent, the national team of our hosts Sweden.

I am with my national team go into our summer fairytale.

Who would have before the 11 years thought?


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