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If you look at the women's team included Staff accurate, one will notice, that it is composed of many yet very different individuals. Since the question was deputy to: How these individuals are to act as a team in Stockholm? After all it is one of the points, the successful German teams always constituted. team spirit. And if you closely you can still accurate, one finds at once but many similarities between the players and staff. Some of these are obvious: All are for the first time this. Everyone wants a medal. Externally, the most bronze and my say but actually gold. But then there are similarities, that are not obvious at first glance. What shall Bathsheba Buczylowski, Quarterback, 23 already have years of Cologne and Equipment Manager Sonja Schmidt from Berlin together? It is the love of a continent: South.

Bathsheba "Batze" Buczylowski studied African Studies and English. Even if she says: "Those were the first two compartments on the alphabetical list of subjects" , yet more to it. After high school and a year abroad in England Batze took a long time, to think about, what they are really interested in life. And these are clearly the languages. "I love languages. I think Linguistics for one of the most important sciences in general. Through language we are only become human beings and if we see ourselves all, would prevent much suffering in the world ". Four years ago, during the World Cup Batista was the first time in Africa. In South Africa, she worked as a volunteer in the inventory of wildlife in a nature reserve. "So we are three or four teams in 10 – 30 walked kilometers a day on fixed routes through the bush and animals have counted. What I experienced there – so much. Hyenas make the scariest noise I've ever heard. at night they came to our camp and that sound like a cross between a baby's cry and Wolfsheulen very scary. On the way to the toilets I met a face to face. She has become so frightened fortunately like me and ran away. When I reached the saving toilet block was just someone already there before me – a snake, and even a poisonous. Fortunately, they did not bite me but the snake specialist the next day. Which then had and a very painful day one arm so badly swollen like an elephant's leg. South Africa is blessed with a gorgeous nature and wildlife. "
About her future plans, she tells: "So before much and so little time. I would like to Tanzania for a few months. I learn Swahili since 2-3 Years and on the coast of Tanzania Kiunguja spoken – the Hochswahili. At the moment, I understand only one Swahilisprecher, speaks slowly and clearly. Swahili is the most beautiful language, I've heard. I'm currently working as a student assistant at the Department of Applied Linguistics and help in caring for scientific projects in the field of literacy, bilingual education and in Lehrstuhlorganisiation. I want to do good. "

If Batista comes into storytelling, you will understand her better self-assessment: "Actually, I can only two things right: tell stories and play quarterback. "So if you want to hear exciting stories from a distant continent, should at Camp talk times longer with Batze.

Sonja Schmidt will do so determined, can they do themselves tell exciting stories from Africa. she has 2006 Tanzania Kilimanjaro, with 5895m the highest mountain in Africa, defeated. For Sonja a long-cherished dream, of came true. Three days earlier, she had the Mount Meru 4.562 m climbed. While for many the ideal holiday for two weeks all inclusive is, Sonja spends her free time in the desert of Libya. Without running water, Asleep she finds without bed and under the open sky here relaxation from everyday office. "If you cross the desert, you find yourself. You can learn very quickly, which enjoys a life of luxury is here in Germany but. Such trips change a person enormous and can see a lot of things differently. "

And just as Africa unites two members of our team, so there are many points of contact between the numerous players. Some are mothers, some study the same subject area, many have gained experience in other teams, are active as arbitrators or have the same taste in music. And since there is a point, they all united.

American football for women.

Because it all will agree and Sonja Schmidt, who played himself for thirteen years, agree: "The national team is for me and especially for women's football is an important step in the right direction, to the women's football to support ... and making it even more popular, and finally to refute the false prejudices "Women and Football". "

In this sense

One Team – One Goal – be ONE

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