This butterflies in my stomach..


.. feels her well?

On Saturday the last game with their team. cut. Darmstadt Diamonds are for the next 14 Days packed to the side. From now on football only revolves around the national team. The whole thinking is geared to Stockholm.

The tension is palpable scho detulich. It becomes more difficult, to focus on everyday things.

Once the equipment. We also suffer from the Staff under the 20kg rule: Laptop, Stands, hard drives, Photo apparatus, Camera, Charger. The technology list is long. be everything must be checked. install updates, control software. Fortunately, I have Thursday free, make the last adjustments. I can all the documents, transfer messages and information on the laptop. I have all the information, Login information and technology, to cultivate the homepages, PR to write messages and send? Ja, the list should be complete. The list of addresses of journalists? Ja, is already there. But do not take too much paper, Security is difficult!!!

Oops. What's this? Okay tonight I have a meeting for the European Championship 2010 in Frankfurt. This is only just 30 days out. switch briefly as again. But starting tomorrow, we go only to the WWC 2010.

Weekend in Rothenburg ob der Tauber we had the opportunity, time to stroll through the old town before briefly. Here there is not only during the World Cup a huge number of fan items in black, red and gold. Incredible. Many things on the edge of bad taste, but some also looked really good. But to buy I could but then not bring. Zum Glück, because the 20kg rule must not be ignored.

Now is the last talk time. Perhaps we can even convince someone to come or Pressekeonferenz about the WWC 2010 to write. I can not hear it anymore: “We just have World Cup”, “At present it is not so good”. I press Germany fingers crossed. I really wish the team, that they beat Ghana tomorrow. At least at that I wish to 99%. The other percentage dreams of, that on Thursday's fifteen editors with me, sign up for the PK and information from the WWC 2010 to ask, because they do not know, how to fill the front pages on Friday.

It could go slowly…

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