The future is a white piece of paper…


It has been said earlier, Today, perhaps more of a bare DVD.

all Articles, I had for the blog in reserve, are now depleted. The preparation is completed. Tomorrow morning it goes to camp.

From that moment the history of the German women's national team is written. Row by row is filled, the white piece. What successes, stories, Adventures and exploits still no one knows. No matter what happens, we will document it here on the blog. And we will do our utmost, that this first adventure of the national team is a successful. Long enough, the women of the ladies national leagues have been waiting. From tomorrow, the time has come, implement the plans and goals into action.

To all fans of the German team, whether your mitfiebert in Stockholm or at home: Send us your stories, adventures, Photos. We all want to stand here on the blog together and bring the women's national team forward.!!!

In this sense

To a successful World Cup 2010

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