Setting out for new shores


It's finally starting.

Tonight, my computer or the mail in recent weeks has converted and copied from the desktop to my laptop.

the night was early in the morning to 5:00 PM to end. The alarm clock rings as loud, as if to wake the whole street. At the main station in Frankfurt we meet the four girls Mainz. Actually only used just three, because Michelle Schaffer comes at the last minute. to have booked together without, We're in the same Wagon, only one row away from each other. Since the train is empty, flee the other passengers and let the eight seats around the two tables. It is much told and laughed. Somewhere behind Fulda the Playbook is taken out and learned. One side is with euro coins and rings an offense. Sonja Meurer has a cheat sheet for everything. Really for everything. Rebecca Brown calls the Defense Formation of copper money and Birgit swing playing the line stunts and lightning. The conductor looks pretty stupid, as he passes. I also look a bit surprised as a series on sudden Svenja Konoawalczyk stands before me. The Kielerin works yes in Heidelberg and was sitting all the time on the train. Only with their sleep mask, I did not recognize.

With 10 Minutes late we arrive in Berlin and have to take a commuter train later. But Thorsten picks us up with the car at the station. choose the girls as an alternative to running the bed of the Sprinters. During the five minutes to the Sportpark the national anthem sounds from the dark cargo hold. In a good mood we arrive.

Here everything is perfectly prepared. Christiane Lang comb has already been threw the coffee machine in Orga meeting room. are in our room plastic bag with new clothes. Toll, how much has been put on the legs. Thanks to donations, the packet is a T-shirt was, a cap, adds a key chain and a Bottle. The latter in particular is useful in this weather. Everyone carries his bottle around with them, so that enough water is drunk. And of course, each bottle was immediately labeled with the name. Here you feel welcome, Now the work can begin

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