The first day is almost over..


The tempo in training is faster. Preparing for Sweden begins.

The coaches pulling tempo and the team has been awarded. It's fun to watch. Today, the press was there and the team trained straight with the game jerseys. The jerseys and pants were now the number one issue. Especially with the pants not all fit as desired. Some were not purely, the other matched twice pure. Sometimes the size M was smaller than S. Chaos at lunchtime. Now in training it has settled some. A solution is in sight, but more on that later.

For press event was TV, Radio, local press and the Huddle. Jörn Maier and Daniel Koch stood to answer questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

For me now, the departure is at. Next time I'll call from Sweden. Together with Thorsten Kunert go ichdas Equipment to Stockholm and movies tomorrow then the first two encounters. Departure is at 17:30, one 22:30 we take the ferry from Sassnitz and we still dannhaben 600 km from Trelleborg to Stockholm before us. In the morning we will then arrive. Katrin Bartels as Chef de mission is flown today and participates in the Technical Meeting. Thorsten honks, I have to go…..

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