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Even two weeks…


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… then we go to the training camp in Strausberg. Oh man, two weeks yet, then the third training camp this season is on the agenda. 1. Silberborn (end of March), 2. Strausberg (Easter), Strausberg (end June). For us, Berlin Strausberg's no stranger, we annually attend our training camp there. I am very pleased, but this time to train with the Natio :-).

The butterflies in your stomach is also increasingly. The helmet is there and sparkles me now (quite naked) an. He cries out for the sticker with the German eagle.

A red mouthpiece and a black Scullcap also waiting to be picked up.

But now is starting the great Plan of:

  • What I take to training camp with? As a Berlin one has the advantage, that are no longer needed items can be picked up by someone. (but who?)
  • What I take with me to Sweden? In 20kg baggage allowance included. Equipment must that be considered.
  • exchange money. How much will I need crowns well? Oh man, why Sweden has not adopted the euro, that would make everything much easier
  • Is my travel insurance still valid?
  • And very important, Who takes care of my farm? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Some becoming understood)
    (Editor's note: The hotel has free Wi-Fi and freises computers should be numerous there.)

Fragen รผber Fragen, which need to be clarified in the remaining weeks which, then all “relaxed” to travel to Sweden.

And then we go right. No later than the first game, when we run for the first time in our game outfit on the square and the National Anthem (ups, I must have still learning ;-)) hear, is me (An)almost tear voltage. But it will be worth :-).

We'll see each other soon…

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The training camp in my view


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Pretty cold hit me and my team-mates Steffi and Miri into Silberborn. After a short detour via Holzminden and the local supermarket, we got hold of a parking space right outside the door. Gradually, other players from different teams arrived. Some I knew very well (Players in the 1. Party), some I did not know (Players in the 2. Party). The acquaintances greeted each other with hugs and chatter went straight off. When women come together… :-).

After the performance sports director has arrived, it was about time 10 Pm for check-in. In the order of logging the rooms were occupied. I shared a room with Steffi (BKL) and Sandra and Anja (both Dresden). Steffi must have felt pretty sure, with so many liners in a room ;-).

A short time later it was the first theory session on the program, separately for offense and defense. I was allowed to attend the Defense Theory.
According to the theory, we went with Upper pads out already. As nice as the weather in the morning, too bad it was the afternoon. Regen, Thunder and lightning shortened first practice, so it followed right back to the theoretical went. Even after dinner was not an end to the theory. Slowly, the fatigue was spreading and the capacity faded by the minute. Finally, I think it was so half 10, we were allowed to bed. I was following immediately :-).

Next morning: theory, Walktrough, Full Pads Training. It was still raining, so that the “race” was no longer recognizable as such. mud, Mud and mud again. If you do not stuck, slipped one from. Naja, the conditions were the same for all yes. So slowly turned me with a sense one, I did not know before. I had good competition on my Positon and true. I had to give everything and show, I could. Every word the coach was analyzed and scrutinized in the head: “What he means now so?” “Was that good or bad?”. With this feeling I went to sleep every night. So that's it, when your own performance is evaluated outside of their own team of neutral Coaches. Oh man… so I had to cope first. Nevertheless, the fun in the scrimmages was not neglected.

Saturday night was there yet surprisingly one meetings with the Postioncoaches. I was extremely uneasy. What to expect? What will he tell me? Am I good, I have to prove the next day again. Am I bad, I have to prove myself and am also possibly. inhibited by the criticism. That is hard. On Sunday, the last day there was the final-Scrimmage. There, too, one was reminded again, that this is the last chance here to prove themselves.
With each error, I have committed, the feeling was worse. “Is this the end?” On the other hand the fun comes out then but, the Football for me is yes. So I played free of the liver, by instinct. To 36 Plays the end of the camp was then announced. Now everything is done, Now nothing can be more change. The coaches have decided or will decide still in subsequent Coaches Meeting.

Conclusion: It was a new experience to train with so many good Spielerinnnen together. It was to compete against to see a new experience. And it was also a new experience, like football Germany brings together and how friendly the players were each other. A huge compliment goes to the Orga and Staff Team. Christiane had always turn to them an open ear and you could with any concerns. You had to worry about anything, it was all taken care of. I felt very well attended. Thank you very much.

PS: I'm going crazy and I look forward with all the good players together to stand on the field. ๐Ÿ™‚

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