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Homepage of the World Cup online


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Under www.2010wwc.info the homepage of the World Cup is online.

Kickoff is over 13:00 und 18:00 Uhr.

Hopefully the rest of the content will follow……

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More visitors to the blog


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The blog has now been officially presented to the AFVD pages:


How does this affect the number of visitors?

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Women's national team blog


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In the year 2010 there are many new things in AFVD. Long yearned for time, it suddenly went faster than expected. The AFVD has a women's team. And since not only the AFVD one has, but also five other regional associations, you can already 2010 play a World Cup in Sweden.

The earlier plans for a European Championship 2011 were overthrown and a team got down to work. The end of October, the first 78er squad named. In the background, an organizational team was off the ground.

I was to be allowed to include the honor to part with this team. For years, I accompany the women's football, times more intense, times more than spectators. My first AFVD football game as a spectator was meeting Bamberg Lady Bears against Frankfurt Gamblers. In the 90ties I was for a long time as a woman representative of the AFV Hessen road.

During this time, the website was launched www.ladiesfootball.de. Even before the AFVD its own website had, Women Football was already represented on the World Wide Web.

This pioneering role will take for the women's football back to claim. In recent years, players have heard their men- and national youth teams through a blog (or altdeutsch diary) gives an idea of ​​the national team. We want to combine these blogs by several players on one side and at home the fans and spectators have a focal point, To get an impression of the national team.

In addition to these impressions, we are parallel ladiesfootball.de operate a conventional press work. You'll find the match reports, Results, Press releases and statistics. Under www.sidelineview.de see the photos from the games.

You will be able to read on this blog, what the players felt, how they have prepared or reports on contact with teams. Maybe supplemented by short highlight videos, Photos from the training, Recovery phases, Accommodation and so on.

Via a Facebook link, you have the option of distributing each contribution and showing it to your friends, what interests you and what you like.

This is also new for the AFVD (limited) possibility, Leave comments. To do this, however, you have to register. Because it is a moderated site, all comments must be activated before publication.

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