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From the perspective of a fan


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It is early morning of 28.06.2010 when 5 make drowsy Hurricanes on their way to Sweden. The luggage we already checked on the eve. The boarding starts on time and so the plane starts to to short 08:30 AM Frankfurt.

The landing in sunny Stockholm against 10:00 Pm and the mood is good. The anticipation will come to what is huge. With the rainbow bus takes us then to central Stockholm. The hotel is a mix of grandma's living room and IKEA.

the rooms are quickly confiscated, only thrown in summer clothes and off you go to the team hotel. after about. 45 Minutes with the public we arrive at Nirvana Sweden. From the bus station to the hotel it aloud sign 50 Meter. It has to be another measure of length, because the hotel we reach only after 10 minutes. There we meet like the team from Finland. it tingles, soon the first World Cup starts. As we meet the German national team, We are warmly welcomed. But much time has not, the schedule of the players and coaches is tight. In the evening is still a training session in the stadium at Zinkensdamm.

29.06.2010 - "Good morning. Stockholm" The sun is shining since 03:00 Uhr. But thanks sleeping mask is the GAR NO PROBLEM! Noch 5 Hours to get us the first game (Austria vs. Finland) look at. In the evening, the first time is then sounded the German national anthem. To play our neighbors are already ca. 20 Germany fans in the stadium and cheer.

Together, we are preparing for the arrival of our national team. When the bus against 16:00 PM pulls up to sound the vuvuzelas and the team will be made loudly in reception. Visibly moved, the coaches and players walk a while and feel Laola. It also run one or the other tears of joy, without naming names.

It is 17:50 enter clock as the teams into the stadium. The mood among the fans is good, the pulse is greatly increased and it tingles all over my body. When the national anthem is heard singing about 50 Germany fans loudly with. Delighted with the performance of the girls on the field the fans with all his force cheer. The vuvuzelas horns and roar of the stadium, so that one does not understand his own words. After the actual announcer speaks only Swedish is found quickly a German stadium spokeswoman with megaphone among fans. Beautiful scenes with comments like "VERY, VERY NICE "underlined and not caught balls is calmed with the words" GAR NO PROBLEM!“. Thank you Kathi. In the end Germany wins 14:00 against Sweden. This makes joy more.

The next day, the players 2 Hours of free time and you meet in Stockholm City for fun and sightseeing. Once the team is gone we make a harbor cruise. It goes past the castle, Old Town, Södermalm und Stockholm City. after nearly 2 we put hours back in the game- and destination port on. Understanding: In the summer months, a vacation home would be great, in winter it is particularly the north of Sweden shun, otherwise you run the risk of no daylight to see. This also explains the high suicide rate in the Nordic countries, but only at the margins.

Am 01.07.2010 is the second group match of the Germans and this time, some fans paint the letter "SCHLAAAAAAAND" on the belly and present the work during the national anthem.

First, Germany does not take into the game and quickly gets into arrears. However, after the 1. Quarter woke up the girls and are linked to the performance of the first game. After the halftime shows of the German Defense no getting past, but unfortunately it is impossible for the team to win the game even more. Knapp, Germany Canada has to admit defeat. It is thus clear, Germany plays on Saturday against the loser of the following match between Finland and USA.

The grandstand fills gradually. Shortly before entering the teams from Finland and the US sit next to the fans all participating teams in the stands. At the end USA won clearly with 72:00. But the Finns offer more resistance than the result, it can be guessed. Both teams shine through strong pass- and running game and tackle scenes.

Now it was clear, it would be a tough game against Finland to court 3 be on Saturday. But on Friday were again 2 Hours off the national team. This time we spend time at the sea, right next to the team hotel. During the lunch, and the next theory lesson of the team we enjoy the great weather and cool us in the water (stark) from. At the end of the day some of us have a healthy lobster pink, but that's GAR NO PROBLEM.

Saturday, 03.07.2010, only a few hours to the match for third place 3. Before Austria takes on Sweden for third place 5 und 6. Scene of the day / the World Cup, an Austrian interception should be, up in the end zone carries the the ball. Unfortunately it was the wrong end zone and thus the Swedes over more pleased 2 Points on the scoreboard. (Note the Redation: The two points were missing the Oester Eicher inside at the end. It ended 18:20)

14:50 Uhr: Inlet Team. 14:55 Uhr: The national anthem is heard. 15:00 Uhr: kickoff Germany. As in the game against Canada, the Germans found not initially into play. Finland achieved quickly the first points and a victory of the Germans seems hopeless. To the 2. Quarter but it looks even better. The first touchdown for Germany and shortly after the break succeed the next touchdown. The team is now completely changed and marched as a bulwark by the Finnish Line. In an exciting final sprint Germany still comes once in possession. It stands 18:26 Finland and it is still 1 to play minutes. The offense tried on passing towards the end zone, but at the 20-yard line is closing and possession changes at 4 Seconds on the game clock.

In a few months, to 2 Tryouts and only one collective training before the World Cup there have 45 Spielerinnen, managed behind the scenes to stomp the coaches and the hard-working helpers the first women's team from the ground.

Despite all doubts and despite many negative votes in advance they all pulled together and have grown into a team. It is a big step for women's football and I am glad to have been a fan a part of this World Cup.

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Back to life!


Autor: Birgit pivot | Kategorie: Birgit pivot, Inside the Team

Ja, and, and….

wieder back to life, back to reality! Life caught up with me again. To 10 Days of isolation in an old sports boarding school and a beautifully located hotel, reality has me again. Less than seven hours after arriving in Frankfurt, and less than four hours after I went to bed, my alarm clock rang and I had to jump from my feathers to do my day's work.

Everything is still a bit surreal…I really was only 10 Tage out of space? It seems so much more to me. So much has passed me…I was a little scared, when I read in the newspaper today, as our new Federal President is called. Wasn't just the debate about the candidates?

I still seem slightly irradiated. My colleagues are surprised, when I am haphazardly in the office and looking for my calendar to coordinate my appointments independently. Sometimes I am inclined to take flipchart paper and hang my daily routine clearly. I read on Facebook, that others feel the same way. It means quickly again “grown up” to become, and from the “passive role” to come and plan life again independently. Even if it was pleasant, to shut down the brain sometimes.

What is left of them 10 Days World Cup? A mixed feeling. Great moments, goose bumps, but also disappointments and tears about personal and athletic performance. However, the pride of fighting to the end prevails. Not to have stuck my head in the sand and to have had a good show.

Christiane wrote it before. I was a popular photo subject. Quite exciting to be in the spotlight like this. Even before our first game, two Austrians came up to me, to ask me sheepishly, whether you can speak to me. Of course they can. Almost frozen with fear, they ask holes in my stomach, which I also willingly answer. After the game against Sweden, I will be intercepted again by Austria. This time the ladies have a request. You want to be photographed with me. Well, I'm ready for that too. It won't be the only and last time, where I'm asked to take a photo. Our bus driver describes himself as my biggest fan and gets a photo. A Canadian coach engages me in discussions about my football career; Canada and Finland still get some photos on the last evening, to be able to prove at home, that they actually had to fight such giants; and the girls from the USA are amazed and enthusiastic, don't believe me, that I'm actually so slow, as I say. But what I like best is the nickname, that Austria gave me. For them, my name is just “Germinator” like Herminator or Terminator. (*.*)b

My size was not an attraction in Stockholm alone, As I have heard, the commentators want to couple me up and offered the audience to get my mobile number if interested. What should I think of that??

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Ausflug nach Stockholm


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

Am Mittwoch stand ein bisschen Kultur auf dem Programm. Nach dem Sieg gegen Schweden durfte das Team für zwei Stunden in die Innenstadt von Stockholm. Da das Internet mal wieder nicht ging, fuhr ich mit.

Genaugenommen wartete ich mit. Denn unser Bus um 9:00 kam nicht. Wenn ein Team zu spät kommt,muss es Strafe zahlen. Und was ist mit dem Bus. Aber kam nicht zu spät, er kam gar nicht. Dafür kam um 9:20 der Bus der Kanadier, der für 10:00 bestellt war. To 15 Minuten hatte Christiane das lokale Organisationskommitte in Person von Laura (der bunte Klecks hinter der Windschutzscheibe), dass es Sinn macht, wenn der Bus uns schnell in der Innenstadt absetzt und dann Kanada fährt.

Also rein und los. Am Ende hatten wir 45 Minuten vergeudet. Der Besuch reichte gerade einmal dafür, durch die Einkaufspassage bis zum Schloss zu laufen, ein Bogen durch die Altstadt und wieder zurück. Am Schloss konnten wir kurz einer kleinen Parade beiwohnen, für die irgendein hoher Politiker dazu kam. Wer? Keine Ahnung, wir mussten auch wieder zurück.

Auf dem Rückweg habe ich was gelernt. Das hätte ich mir vorher auch schon denken können, aber gut. Man geht am Hauptbahnhog niemals auf die Toilette eines Fastfood-Restaurants. Niemals. Nachdem ich fünf Kronen eingeworfen habe, ging die Tür auf. Vor mir ein schwarzes Loch. Ich taste nach dem Lichtschalter. Es geht nur ein Schwarzlicht an. Wo bin ich hier? Das Schwarzlicht hilft nicht wirklich weiter, dafür sieht man jeden Spritzer an der Wand und jeden Fetzen Papier auf dem Boden. Skurril. Details erspare ich mir lieber. In Zukunft werde ich daran denken.

Abersonst war de Ausflug kurz, aber schön. Hier kann man auch mal so herkommen.

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Wieder online..


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

Endlich ist derAlptraumvorbei. Wir haben wieder Internet.

Die letzten 24 Stunden waren sehr stürmisch. Das Wichtigste zuerst: Wir haben 14:0 gewonnen. Respekt an die 45 Frauen, die diesen Sieg errungen haben.

Die Details zum Spiel sind jetzt online unter www.ladiesfoorball.de. Auch bei www.ifaf.org gibt es einen Bericht zum Spiel. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

Die restlichen Geschichten werde ich dann stückweise hier online stellen. Nur ein bisschen Geduld bitte. Und Dauemdrücken, dass das Internet nicht wieder zusammenbricht.

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Rolling to Stockholm


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog, Staff

The 48-hour day is over. Immediately after training on Saturday I drove to Stockholm with Thorsten Kunert in the equipment truck. That was stress.

First of all, we had to make a detour to Berlin. The story with the pants. The details will come later, only that much: Thomas Winter sent another set of pants from the national team's pool with ICE Express from Hamburg to Berlin. We had to pick it up, although the navigation system already calculated that we were short on time. So let's cucumber through Berlin. We flew through Mecklenburg -Vorpommern for it, Foot on the gas and always at the limit. It comes as it comes, the ferry was of course delayed and we could wait in Sassnitz. No matter, The main thing is on board. Almost four hours crossing from 23:00 to 3:00. I also closed my eyes for an hour somewhere on an uncomfortable seat. And kept looking at the screen, the one without sound, but brought a film with Robert Redford with Swedish subtitles.

The view from the deck was fantastic. Behind us the full moon, which was reflected in the sea and before us a portent of the midnight sun. Der Himmel zeigte für Stunden eine Dämmerung im Norden mit tollen Farben. Aber da es saukalt war auf Deck, gleich wieder rein.

Von Trelleborg aus sind es 600km bis Stockholm. Durch die nacht, die dann auch schon ab halb vier keine mehr war, fuhren wir nordwärts. Und kämpften gegen den Schlaf. Thorsten hatte mir vor der Fahrt ja gedroht: Weil ich ihn hier im Blog mal als Griesgram bezeichnet hatte, sollte ich auf der Fahrt leiden und in Schweden dann aus den Wagen fliegen. Aber wir verstanden uns gut und zum Glück fuhr er die meiste Strecke, denn mir fielen immer wieder die Augen zu.

Um 10:30 waren wir dann pünktlich in Stockholm. Katrin Bartels empfing uns. Sie hatte das wichtigste schon organisiert. Zuerst kamen die Jerseys in die Waschmaschine. Die mussten wir erst mal suchen. Aber bei der Suche kommt man auch schnell in Kontakt. Spielerinnen von Team Kanada halfen uns weiter. Später habe ich Österreich den Wg dorthin gezeigt.

Dann mussten wir den Bus ausladen. Ich weiß nicht, wie oft ich gelaufen bin. Aber ich weiß, das wir verdammt viel dabei haben. Wirklich viel. Wir sind auch das einzige Team mit eimen Equipment-Raum. Thorsten hat eine Abstellkammer, halbvoll mit alten Möbeln, bekommen. Binnen weniger Stunden war sie nicht mehr wiederzuerkennen. Hier ist jetzt sein Reich im Keller. Wir haben sowieso viel mehr dabei als die Gegner. Als einzige haben wir einen eigenen Arzt mit dabei.

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Sunny, 22 City


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

This is the current weather in Stockholm. Doesn't sound bad at all, oder?

You can now follow how it is developing in the left bar here in the blog. Have fun.

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Gelingt der große Durchbruch?


Autor: Jörg Schlüter / Huddle | Kategorie: General, Blog, Press relations

Vor der ersten Frauen WM im American Football

Aller Anfang ist schwer: Zwischen dem ersten Einzeller und dem aufrechten Gang eines Homo Sapiens sind ein paar Milliarden Jahre vergangen. Zwischen dem Bau der ersten Dampfeisenbahn in England und dem ersten TGV in Frankreich liegen immerhin noch 150 Jahre. Die ersten Olympischen Spiele der Neuzeit wurden fast im Verborgenen in Griechenland abgehalten und auch an die Qualität der ersten Fußball WM in Uruguay 1930 mag sich heute kaum noch jemand erinnern. Und nicht zuletzt startete Bill Gates sein Imperium in einer Garage. Alles, was heute prachtvoll unseren Lebensrythmus bestimmt, benötigt Zeit und Entwicklung. Ob im Wirtschaftsleben, in der Natur, in der Politik oder im Sport will alles erst zusammenwachsen, was zusammengehört. Im Frauenfootball wird es nicht anders sein und so grenzt es schon an ein kleines Wunder, dass trotz einer Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise im Juni und Juli 2010 in der schwedischen Hauptstadt Stockholm sechs Nationalteams aufeinander treffen, die es vor wenigen Monaten noch nicht gegeben hat und ihren ersten „World Champion“ ausspielen wollen.

Es liegt schließlich in der Natur der Sache, dass erst durch Ausleseprozesse eine Rangordnung entsteht und der Sport dadurch seine Berechtigung erhält, weil der Mensch, egal ob Moslem, Christ oder Hindu, egal ob Amerikaner, Europäer oder Asiate, den ewigen Wettbewerb zwischen seines Gleichen irgendwann während seiner Evolutionsgeschichte zu einer seiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen erkoren hat. Also ist es nur Recht und billig, dass eine Lücke in der Sportwelt mit der Austragung dieser Spiele geschlossen werden muss und auch aus der Sicht der Gleichstellung zwischen Mann und Frau ein neues Kapitel aufgeschlagen werden darf.

Dabei ist die Frage nach dem Favoriten diesmal noch nicht so entscheidend wichtig und scheinbar auch schon beantwortet. Die Fachwelt rechnet natürlich mit den USA, die traditionell immer dann groß auftrumpfen, wenn es um internationales großes sportliches Prestige geht und sie natürlich mit ihrer IWFL, der halbprofessionellen landesweit organisierten Frauenfootballliga über die scheinbar beste Struktur verfügen. 51 Teams mit 1800 Sportlerinnen kann niemand einfach so ignorieren. Natürlich sollte auch nicht vergessen werden, dass die USA immer dann besonders aktiv werden, wenn es in ihrem Lieblingssport etwas zu holen gibt. Dann müssen natürlich alle Hebel in Gang gesetzt werden, um auch diesmal die virtuelle und suggerierte Vormachtsstellung im Frauenfootball erstmals durch einen Vergleich zwischen den führenden Nationen eindrucksvoll zu beweisen. Ob die neue deutsche Frauen-Nationalmannschaft schon die Kraft und den Zusammenhalt besitzt, als potentieller Finalgegnerkandidat neben dem ebenfalls als stark einzuschätzenden Kanada anzutreten, bleibt abzuwarten, gehört aber zu den spannenden in Stockholm zu klärenden Fragen.

„Ein Länderspiel Finnland gegen Schweden hat Schweden eine kleine Frauenliga beschert. Wie groß muss der Multiplikatoreffekt erst bei einer WM im eigenen Lande sein?“, fragt sich auch mittlerweile der zuständige deutsche Mannschaftssprecher Andreas Gebek, der die letzten Monate des frisch gebildeten Teams miterleben durfte und auch das Zitat prägte „Das Schwierige an einer Auswahl ist das Auswählen.“ Andreas Gebek liefert aber auch eine Antwort, warum es langsam Zeit wird, eine Frauen Football Weltmeisterschaft endlich zu veranstalten: „Vielleicht sind die Auswirkungen bei uns nicht so stark zu spüren – in der skandinavischen Welt dafür umso mehr und sorgen für nachhaltige Effekte.“

Aus der skandinavischen Brille gesehen, erscheint es so, als wenn Finnland den größten Entwicklungsstand besitzt. Bereits in den späten 80er Jahren begannen Finnlands Frauen Flag Football zu entdecken. It was followed around the turn of the century Tackle Football. Today coach Teemu Kuusisto can say, that play in his country nine women football team in a tackle league and leaves the majority of the Finnish team recruited by the Helsinki Roosters and GS Demons Helsinki. Finland is thus composed in part of teams on a clear block formation and hopes, that the athletes can always quickly form a team, because they already know each other well from the club life.

From a sporting perspective, such an event is long overdue. Asked about the sporting expected level give the better-known experts under the sun but only partially clear statements of themselves: "It is difficult to assess. The fastest woman in the world is still slow, as the fastest man in the world. So you can not say, whether the women World Cup takes place in whole at a level, which leaves you with a nationwide German master Regional or compare GFL2. simply we do not know one hundred percent, if much is improvised in international women's football and achieved by chance a pass to a receiver, or whether getting behind a touchdown success really a plan hand can be seen ", noticed wide receiver coach Robert Melzer thoughtful, complements but also aptly: "That's why the first women's World Cup also so important for an initial assessment. If we do not start now, then we would back away years in development and can not take the chance, perform a new quantum leap. "

Should not forget the Guard's first wife Foot Baller Interior, in the fall of her sports career spare no expense or effort after years of building, want at least once to experience their national anthem at an international match in their sport and to naturally then also in the front row.

Last but not least it is the first woman football World Cup also to the large and still distant goal, that American football is to be included in the Olympic family once. In addition to the necessary change it is the IOC whatsoever to the proof of sustainable global structures, which of course was also created in recent years by the IFAF and their confederations, and of course attractive competitions at the international level. Here was the sport of American football, after even the Flagfootball international Nationals, exactly was missing the last diamond in the jewelry chain. Only through the ensuing woman Football World Cup Football is absolutely correct.

Exciting is also the question designed, what now the teams and their fans in Scandinavia from an organizational point of view get offer. Of course Stockholm, with its proximity to the water, its cosmopolitan Scandinavian character and temperate climate a great city. The stadium Zinkensdamm IP (IP =IDrott Plats = sports field) is for the football sports not unknown and is an attractive choice. The Stockholm Mean Machines found here years ago their sporting home and 2006 the European Junior Championships was held at the same place, has so that the Swedish umbrella organization SAFF some experience and expertise in the organization of such "events" offer. The stadium has a widespread in Scandinavia artificial turf with short straws, which was filled with granulate, Football solid marks, round 5900 Spectator seats and a covered grandstand. The center of the city is from the perspective of the stadium in the neighborhood, is easy to reach by bus and subway and invites the friends of the Swedish summer with its long days and short neighbor to many attractions.

have the Swedish and the Finnish host tournament committee, it seems so, the organization full control. In meticulous detail all the details were in early May the responsible sports directors and officials of the participating nations presented during a technical meeting in Zinkensdamm Stadium and all quarters inspected. Actually, the tournament can now be disturbed only by a recent Icelandic volcano eruption, which could hinder the arrival of the Football Friends from overseas, but of course no one wants to summon. May help the first woman Football World Cup to, to inspire the rest of the world, also stand up for the interests of the Lady Footballs.

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Nur für Schwindelfreie


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

85 Meter über Stockholm

Seit dem 5. Februar 2010 ist die schwedische Hauptstadt um eine Besucherattraktion reicher: Der StockholmSkyViewbesteht aus zwei Glasgondeln, die über die Außenhaut der VeranstaltungsarenaGlobebis auf 85 Meter Höhe fahren. Hier können die Passagiere dann ihren Blick über Stockholm schweifen lassen. Die beiden Glasgondeln bieten jeweils Platz für 16 Personen. Eine Fahrt dauert etwa 16 Minuten und kostet für Erwachsene 120 Schwedische Kronen (rund zwölf Euro). Kinder zwischen drei und zwölf Jahren zahlen 90 Kronen (neun Euro).

Weitere Informationen: Stockholm “Sky Viewist wochentags zwischen 10:00 und 19:00 Uhr geöffnet, am Wochenende zwischen 10:00 und 17:00 Uhr, an Feiertagen allerdings nur zwischen 10:00 und 15:00 Uhr. Im Sommer gelten zwischen dem 12. Juni und dem 15. August erweiterte Öffnungszeiten: wochentags von 09:00 to 20:00 Uhr und am Wochenende von 10:00 to 18:00 Uhr. Weitere Informationen in englischer Sprache gibt es unter www.skyviewstockholm.se.

(quelle T-online.de)

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Even two weeks…


Autor: Yvonne Mechsner | Kategorie: Blog, Inside the Team, Yvonne Mechsner

… then we go to the training camp in Strausberg. Oh man, two weeks yet, then the third training camp this season is on the agenda. 1. Silberborn (end of March), 2. Strausberg (Easter), Strausberg (end June). For us, Berlin Strausberg's no stranger, we annually attend our training camp there. I am very pleased, but this time to train with the Natio :-).

The butterflies in your stomach is also increasingly. The helmet is there and sparkles me now (quite naked) an. He cries out for the sticker with the German eagle.

A red mouthpiece and a black Scullcap also waiting to be picked up.

But now is starting the great Plan of:

  • What I take to training camp with? As a Berlin one has the advantage, that are no longer needed items can be picked up by someone. (but who?)
  • What I take with me to Sweden? In 20kg baggage allowance included. Equipment must that be considered.
  • exchange money. How much will I need crowns well? Oh man, why Sweden has not adopted the euro, that would make everything much easier
  • Is my travel insurance still valid?
  • And very important, Who takes care of my farm? 😉 (Some becoming understood)
    (Editor's note: The hotel has free Wi-Fi and freises computers should be numerous there.)

Fragen über Fragen, which need to be clarified in the remaining weeks which, then all “relaxed” to travel to Sweden.

And then we go right. No later than the first game, when we run for the first time in our game outfit on the square and the National Anthem (ups, I must have still learning ;-)) hear, is me (An)almost tear voltage. But it will be worth :-).

We'll see each other soon…

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Images to set the mood


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: Photos

In summer 2006 Football European Junior was held in Zinkensdamm IP the American in Stockholm.

In preparation to the World Cup a few pictures of that time by Cecilia Cillen, a photographer of the Swedish Association:


All information about EM of time under www.efaf.info/text.php?Content = EJC2006

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