National team

The women's team was 2009 brought to life.

In the first step the end of October, the first players in the new national team were announced after the tryout in Cologne. For this 78er squad are now the 45 Players selected, the Germany at the World Cup 2010 may represent in Stockholm.

The selection is made following the first training camp, the from 26. to 28. March Silberborn / Lower Saxony takes place.

The schedule for the camp is crammed. The coaching crew around Jörn Maier and Daniel Koch must test all the players through their paces, install the playbook and try to find the team spirit. Just as the famous “Spirit of Malente” the German national football team led to many successes, so can the “Spirit of Silberborn” weld the women's team to a successful team, which is rewarded with precious metal. Third place is the minimum goal, which was set for themselves. But perhaps Silberborn makes its name all the honor and here the basis is for Silver (or gold)-medal born?

Before the World Cup the whole team is then off 26. contracted in June for a three-day camp, before going on the trip to Stockholm.

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