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From the far north…


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The football location Kiel is one of the booming “markets” in Germany. Of course, the A.S.C. As with the Baltic Witches (DBL2) also a women's football team. The Witches could with Freya Kleine, Svenja Konowalczyk and Yvonne Striegnitz place two players and one successor in the squad of the new women's national team and are also among the hot favorites in this year's season in DBL2 North. Freya Kleine took the time and answered our questions during the World Cup preparation weeks.

Football-aktuell.de: Hello Freya, can you please introduce yourself to us?

Freya Small: My name is Freya and I am 23 year old. I have been playing football for five years and have been involved with the Kiel Baltic Witches since then. At that time, the team's advertising was hanging in my school and I just went to training and stuck with it. In the beginning I was a tight end and a receiver, then, at the request of my future DB coach, I switched to defense and became safety.

Football-aktuell.de: Is there anything else in your life besides football?

Freya Small: Of course, my family and friends are very important to me. But football has been a big part of my life. I also like to be creative, love movies and like to go dancing.

Football-aktuell.de: Do you practice other sports?? How did you go to football?

Freya Small: Before I got into football, I rode western, as well as almost all of my family. At some point, however, I stopped having fun at the tournaments, although I was quite successful (multiple national champion SH and German runner-up as well as one German champion). When I saw the flyer from my current team at school, I was immediately enthusiastic, although I didn't really have a clue about American football back then.

Football-aktuell.de: You play in the national team in the position of safety. How did you experience the preparatory camps in Cologne and Silberborn? The level was much tougher than in the club?

Freya Small: The situation itself was just quite different. There was constant pressure to perform, because you really wanted to get into the squad. In the teams of the DBL and DBL2 there is often a shortage of female players, so that you are usually in a safe position and often both ways are played. In the camps you had to fight for your place within a few days and did not have the entire off-season time as in the club, convince the coach of himself. There were also a lot of really good girls there, so a real competitive situation. Still, it was cool, to get to know the girls better, that you usually only see as opponents on the field.

Football-aktuell.de: How do you try to prepare for the World Cup until the camp in Straussberg / Berlin??

Freya Small: In addition to training in the club, I try to stick to the training plan of our physio Steffen as much as possible. I also do some sprint exercises.

Football-aktuell.de: How do you want the money for the trip “scrounge together”?

Freya Small: First of all, our association and the AFVSH support us: An application has also been made to the city of Kiel and the LSV. Furthermore, we want to write to a few regional companies and ask for financial resources. We are also on our GFL team's first game day, ran around the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes with the money box and were happy about some donations from the Kiel fans - many thanks to all supporters!

Football-aktuell.de: What are your expectations when you go to Stockholm?? What is sporty
possible?, Will you be able to compete as a starter? What would happen, if D-Land didn't come third?

Freya Small: Whether I can compete as a starter, the coaches will probably decide in the preparatory camp in Berlin, depending on the service provided and the appropriate interaction. I definitely hope so, that we can all do our part at the World Cup. I think, all teams are very serious opponents, because they too have prepared for the World Cup and will only have their best players in the squad. Since I don't know any of their games and our squad has not yet played an international match, I can not judge, how an encounter will turn out. As long as we all do our best, however, I am confident.

Football-aktuell.de: What would happen in Kiel?, when you return as world champions
would come?

Freya Small: That would of course be the top hammer. What then happens in Kiel, I can't predict. Our team, Families and friends would probably be very happy with us. Otherwise I hope, American football is becoming more popular for women and all teams are getting new members or even new teams are being formed, so that the league gets bigger and more games can be played.

Football-aktuell.de: Thank you for your time and your answers.

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Legionnaire with it


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What course at the football and give, there is also in the women's national teams: Legionaries, participating in a foreign country on league play. The Finnish player, playing at the time in Washington, has now tightened Sweden and Milla Belkacem appointed by the Berlin cobras in the squad.

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