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It is early morning of 28.06.2010 when 5 make drowsy Hurricanes on their way to Sweden. The luggage we already checked on the eve. The boarding starts on time and so the plane starts to to short 08:30 AM Frankfurt.

The landing in sunny Stockholm against 10:00 Pm and the mood is good. The anticipation will come to what is huge. With the rainbow bus takes us then to central Stockholm. The hotel is a mix of grandma's living room and IKEA.

the rooms are quickly confiscated, only thrown in summer clothes and off you go to the team hotel. after about. 45 Minutes with the public we arrive at Nirvana Sweden. From the bus station to the hotel it aloud sign 50 Meter. It has to be another measure of length, because the hotel we reach only after 10 minutes. There we meet like the team from Finland. it tingles, soon the first World Cup starts. As we meet the German national team, We are warmly welcomed. But much time has not, the schedule of the players and coaches is tight. In the evening is still a training session in the stadium at Zinkensdamm.

29.06.2010 - "Good morning. Stockholm" The sun is shining since 03:00 Uhr. But thanks sleeping mask is the GAR NO PROBLEM! Noch 5 Hours to get us the first game (Austria vs. Finland) look at. In the evening, the first time is then sounded the German national anthem. To play our neighbors are already ca. 20 Germany fans in the stadium and cheer.

Together, we are preparing for the arrival of our national team. When the bus against 16:00 PM pulls up to sound the vuvuzelas and the team will be made loudly in reception. Visibly moved, the coaches and players walk a while and feel Laola. It also run one or the other tears of joy, without naming names.

It is 17:50 enter clock as the teams into the stadium. The mood among the fans is good, the pulse is greatly increased and it tingles all over my body. When the national anthem is heard singing about 50 Germany fans loudly with. Delighted with the performance of the girls on the field the fans with all his force cheer. The vuvuzelas horns and roar of the stadium, so that one does not understand his own words. After the actual announcer speaks only Swedish is found quickly a German stadium spokeswoman with megaphone among fans. Beautiful scenes with comments like "VERY, VERY NICE "underlined and not caught balls is calmed with the words" GAR NO PROBLEM!“. Thank you Kathi. In the end Germany wins 14:00 against Sweden. This makes joy more.

The next day, the players 2 Hours of free time and you meet in Stockholm City for fun and sightseeing. Once the team is gone we make a harbor cruise. It goes past the castle, Old Town, Södermalm und Stockholm City. after nearly 2 we put hours back in the game- and destination port on. Understanding: In the summer months, a vacation home would be great, in winter it is particularly the north of Sweden shun, otherwise you run the risk of no daylight to see. This also explains the high suicide rate in the Nordic countries, but only at the margins.

Am 01.07.2010 is the second group match of the Germans and this time, some fans paint the letter "SCHLAAAAAAAND" on the belly and present the work during the national anthem.

First, Germany does not take into the game and quickly gets into arrears. However, after the 1. Quarter woke up the girls and are linked to the performance of the first game. After the halftime shows of the German Defense no getting past, but unfortunately it is impossible for the team to win the game even more. Knapp, Germany Canada has to admit defeat. It is thus clear, Germany plays on Saturday against the loser of the following match between Finland and USA.

The grandstand fills gradually. Shortly before entering the teams from Finland and the US sit next to the fans all participating teams in the stands. At the end USA won clearly with 72:00. But the Finns offer more resistance than the result, it can be guessed. Both teams shine through strong pass- and running game and tackle scenes.

Now it was clear, it would be a tough game against Finland to court 3 be on Saturday. But on Friday were again 2 Hours off the national team. This time we spend time at the sea, right next to the team hotel. During the lunch, and the next theory lesson of the team we enjoy the great weather and cool us in the water (stark) from. At the end of the day some of us have a healthy lobster pink, but that's GAR NO PROBLEM.

Saturday, 03.07.2010, only a few hours to the match for third place 3. Before Austria takes on Sweden for third place 5 und 6. Scene of the day / the World Cup, an Austrian interception should be, up in the end zone carries the the ball. Unfortunately it was the wrong end zone and thus the Swedes over more pleased 2 Points on the scoreboard. (Note the Redation: The two points were missing the Oester Eicher inside at the end. It ended 18:20)

14:50 Uhr: Inlet Team. 14:55 Uhr: The national anthem is heard. 15:00 Uhr: kickoff Germany. As in the game against Canada, the Germans found not initially into play. Finland achieved quickly the first points and a victory of the Germans seems hopeless. To the 2. Quarter but it looks even better. The first touchdown for Germany and shortly after the break succeed the next touchdown. The team is now completely changed and marched as a bulwark by the Finnish Line. In an exciting final sprint Germany still comes once in possession. It stands 18:26 Finland and it is still 1 to play minutes. The offense tried on passing towards the end zone, but at the 20-yard line is closing and possession changes at 4 Seconds on the game clock.

In a few months, to 2 Tryouts and only one collective training before the World Cup there have 45 Spielerinnen, managed behind the scenes to stomp the coaches and the hard-working helpers the first women's team from the ground.

Despite all doubts and despite many negative votes in advance they all pulled together and have grown into a team. It is a big step for women's football and I am glad to have been a fan a part of this World Cup.

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Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: Fan-Zone, Links

Canadians have pasted the address of her blog on the wall:

For me, the is not. Relevant information will be accepted.

Thanks for the note!

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Please to the fans


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Fan-Zone

For their match against Kanda coaches the women's team have an appeal to the German fans:

Supported us from the grandstand!!

Germany is now host team and will be on the sunny side. Please stay still back on the grandstand.

We can see you perfectly in the main stand, we hear your support on the field and we can on the sidelines while optimally with the players work.

You can see better, you stay in the shade, you do not have to look towards the sun and you can use the vuvuzelas disturbed. Optimal for all, except in Canada.

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The future is a white piece of paper…


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: Blog, Fan-Zone

It has been said earlier, Today, perhaps more of a bare DVD.

all Articles, I had for the blog in reserve, are now depleted. The preparation is completed. Tomorrow morning it goes to camp.

From that moment the history of the German women's national team is written. Row by row is filled, the white piece. What successes, stories, Adventures and exploits still no one knows. No matter what happens, we will document it here on the blog. And we will do our utmost, that this first adventure of the national team is a successful. Long enough, the women of the ladies national leagues have been waiting. From tomorrow, the time has come, implement the plans and goals into action.

To all fans of the German team, whether your mitfiebert in Stockholm or at home: Send us your stories, adventures, Photos. We all want to stand here on the blog together and bring the women's national team forward.!!!

In this sense

To a successful World Cup 2010

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Live stream of the World Cup


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Fan-Zone, Press relations

The company LGSports provides a live stream with English-language commentary from the World Cup. All games are PayPerView for 9,90 € transferred to the Internet. For viewers in the US, there is also a delayed transmission of the games.

The transmission can be bezalt with PayPal. LGSports is a Swedish provider, the next American football on football games from the 2. und 3. League specializes in Sweden. Recently LGSports has already sent the EFAF Cup games of Carlstadt Crusaders erflogreich. LGSports also a DVD for 49 € sell with all games.

However, if you have a day time and waits, can on the official website Download the game for free. The media team of the Swedish Association is aufzeichen every game, online questions and also create a highlight video.

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Be one – Logo for Fan TShirt available


Autor: admin_ladiesfootball | Kategorie: General, Fan-Zone

From now on, the official German World Cup fan Shirt logo!

Already often players and fans have asked: How can I make known as a fan of the German national me in Sweden?

For all the fans there is now a fan's shirt logo to download. It is a modification of the official logo, be equipped with the players.

In a few steps, you can now get their own fan T-shirt:

  1. download Logo
  2. go with the file in the Copy Shop
  3. Select T-Shirt
  4. pay
  5. T-Shirt take
  6. T-shirt to put on and show all

The use, in particular the commercial use, the logo is permitted only with permission. They are allowed under

Coat of sw PDF
From coat 4c PDF
Coat of SW EPS
From coat 4c EPS

Note: right mousekey, “save target as” to save the file.

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Fan Club for Gabi Duvinage


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: Facts about the team, Fan-Zone

In Facebook, a fan club for quarterback Gabi Duvinage founded. Within a short time have already 47 members found. The goal of the fan club: Gabi is to start for Germany!

Gabi Duvinage of the Nuremberg Hurricanes is one of the few players, who are familiar with since the beginning of the Ladies League. For many it is a symbol for women's football itself. With two German league titles and numerous victories it has proved, that it is one of the best players. By their attitude to sport and athleticism she has earned the respect and sympathy of many players and fans from all over Germany.

The race for the great task, to lead Germany at the World Cup as a quarterback and be allowed to play in the historic premiere, however, is completely open. Besides Gabi Duvinage go Bathseba Buczylowski (Cologne Falconets) und Anjouly Eyfferth (Wolfenbüttel Black Widows) into the race. “All three have shown in Silberborn, that they have what it takes, to represent Germany at the World Cup” as press spokesman Andreas Gebek. “otherwise they would not have been nominated. Who will prevail in the end, will only show the camp in Strausberg. Each quarterback has a chance here, to prove himself. The performance at the Camp decides on the play. At the moment there is no order. ”!/group.php?gid=128674237159662&v=wall

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Tickets for WWC 2010 available


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: Fan-Zone

Since today 9:00 can buy tickets for Amerikan Football Women's World Cup will be bought in Stockholm.

Less than a month before the World Cup starts tickets go on sale via the Internet.

Under Tickets can be ordered.

Tickets are sold each for the entire Round. This gives you admission to two games (on the final day to all three games). The price is 120 SEK + 20 SEK booking fee.

Tickets at the stadium fund are priced at 100 SEK per game be available.

Children and young people up to and including 15 Get in free.

The course for SEK is currently about at 9.8 SEK = 1 Euro.

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Viking helmet instead Football Helmet


Autor: Freya Small | Kategorie: General, Blog, Fan-Zone, Freya Small, Inside the Team

„Toll, you are in the national team! also you get there money?"- So many reactions from my friends. But unfortunately, the opposite is the case,: The cost is for normal mortal Football players, their land want to represent with her favorite hobby at the World Cup, difficult to apply.

So Svenja and I made our thoughts, how we could get the money together. We already received financial support from our association (ASC As e.V.), and the AFVSH. Other proposals to the city of Kiel, the LSV and regional companies have already made.

But we still have to bear most of the costs themselves, we decided, wander the Season Opener of GFL in Kiel with the donation box.

So we were not to be overlooked, armed ourselves with Viking helmets and Hawaii chains in Germany colors. There were also shirts, on which we had quickly even ironed by hand the WWC Logo. A small Germany flag completing our "outfit". During the Tailgate Party came many Kiel fans to us and filled our piggy bank, while others probably just wondering, why we looked so funny. But there has to, who wants to raise money ;). Overall, arrived that day at the 100,- € together, and many congratulations and supporting words - thank you very much to the fans Kieler!

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Stockholm ist eine Reise wert


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Fan-Zone

Be one with the Team

Wenn im Juni die Deutsche Frauen-Nationalmannschaft in Stockholm ihre Premiere feiert und um die Weltmeisterschaft kämpft, baut sie dabei auch auf die lautstarke Unterstützung durch die deutschen Fans. “Natürlich würden wir uns freuen, eine größere deutsche Fan-Gemeinde in Stockholm begrüßen zu dürfen. Das würde für das Team eine Extra-Motivation bedeuten. In knappen Spielen kann das den Unterscheid ausmachen” freut sich die Leistungssportdirektorin Frauen, Christiane Langkamm.

Stockholm hat noch mehr zu bieten als nur Football. Die Stadt auf 14 Inseln im Schärengebiet gilt als Venedig des Nordens und ist eine der angenehmsten Städte Hauptstädte weltweit. For the play-free days, the clear waters are around the city for trips available,,de,Or the numerous attractions such as the Royal Castle,,de,Theater,,en,churches,,de,museums,,de,among other things, the Vasa Museum,,de,Not to forget,,de,the nightlife in Stockholm is among the best in the north,,de,The first fans from Kiel and Nuremberg have already announced their participation in the blog of the Women's National Team,,de,To get more fans to Sweden to lure the AFVD has agreed with the official hotel sponsor StayAt special conditions,,de,Accommodation is available at the hotel StayAt Solna,,de,which also houses the German national team is housed,,de,The,,de,Room apartments can accommodate up to four people,,de. Oder die zahlreichen Sehenswürdigkeiten wie das Königsschloss, Theater, Kirchen, verschiedene Museen (unter anderem das Vasa-Museum). Nicht zu vergessen, das Nachtleben in Stockholm gehört zu den Besten im Norden.

Die ersten Fans aus Kiel und Nürnberg haben ihr Kommen im Blog der Frauen-Nationalmannschaft bereits angekündigt. Um weitere Fans nach Schweden zu locken hat der AFVD zusammen mit dem offiziellen Hotelsponsor StayAt besondere Konditionen vereinbart.

Die Unterbringung erfolgt im Hotel StayAt Solna, in dem auch die Deutsche Nationalmannschaft untergebracht ist. Die 1 Raum-Apartments können mit bis zu vier Personen belegt werden. They also offer a small kitchen and Internet,,de,Located just outside the city center,,de,but has a metro station nearby,,de,The prices of the apartments vary depending on occupancy,,de,Prices per room and night,,de,without breakfast,,de,be for occupancy by,,de,Person,,en,SEC,,lt,people,,de,The conversion rate for Swedish kronor is,,de,SEC =,,lt,€ or,,de,€ =,,en,Stand,,en,The offer is until Monday,,de,the,,de,May temporarily,,de,Until then, all,,de,available rooms for the German fans reserved,,de,The booking of rooms directly through the hotel StayAt,,de,Please refer to the keyword,,de,Fan-Package Womens World Championships,,en,The hotel can be reached at,,de. Das Hotel liegt etwas ausserhalb der Innenstadt (6,5 km), verfügt aber über eine U-Bahn-Station in der Nähe.

Die Preise für die Apartments variieren je nach Belegung. Die Preise pro Raum und Nacht (ohne Frühstück) betragen bei Belegung mit

1 Person 850 SEK
2 Personen 950 SEK
3 Personen 1050 SEK
4 Personen 1150 SEK

Der Umrechnungskurs für schwedische Kronen liegt bei 1 SEK = 0,10 € oder 1 € = 9,63 SEK (Stand 19. April 2010).

Das Angebot ist bis zum Montag, den 10. Mai befristet. Bis dahin werden alle 28 zur Verfügung stehenden Zimmer für die Deutschen Fans reserviert.

Die Buchung der Zimmer erfolgt direkt über das StayAt Hotel. Bitte beziehen Sie sich auf das Stichwort “Fan-Package Womens World Championships”. Sie können das Hotel erreichen unter + 46 8 705 71 00. For more contact details and information on the website,,de,I’m a woman on a mission,,en,Permanent Link to I’m a woman on a mission,,en,I’m no ones push around,,en,The song by Gabriella Cilmi this time as Unplug version,,de,Link zu,,en,Song for training camp,,de,Permanent Link to Song for training camp,,de,I’m a woman on mission,,en,That could be the theme of the next day in training camp,,de,It’s time for me to make a move,,en,And I know what i gotta do,,en,Coz I got everything to prove,,en,I got a plan I’m sticking to,,en,…,,en,The word is out all over town,,en,But I don’t let it get me down,,en,I ain’t nobody’s push around,,en,If they could only see me now,,en,There’s only one thing on my mind,,en,And I’m running out of time,,en

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