Viking helmet instead Football Helmet


„Toll, you are in the national team! also you get there money?"- So many reactions from my friends. But unfortunately, the opposite is the case,: The cost is for normal mortal Football players, their land want to represent with her favorite hobby at the World Cup, difficult to apply.

So Svenja and I made our thoughts, how we could get the money together. We already received financial support from our association (ASC As e.V.), and the AFVSH. Other proposals to the city of Kiel, the LSV and regional companies have already made.

But we still have to bear most of the costs themselves, we decided, wander the Season Opener of GFL in Kiel with the donation box.

So we were not to be overlooked, armed ourselves with Viking helmets and Hawaii chains in Germany colors. There were also shirts, on which we had quickly even ironed by hand the WWC Logo. A small Germany flag completing our "outfit". During the Tailgate Party came many Kiel fans to us and filled our piggy bank, while others probably just wondering, why we looked so funny. But there has to, who wants to raise money ;). Overall, arrived that day at the 100,- € together, and many congratulations and supporting words - thank you very much to the fans Kieler!

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