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Official Team Photo


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Photos

After the team pictures from Stockholm now the official team photo from Strausberg. Available either with or without logos in the Download

Download size with logos
Download original size without logos

right mousekey: save target as

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QB Gabi Duvinage: "Next goal - World Cup 2013"


Autor: Jörg Schlüter / Huddle | Kategorie: Blog, Inside the Team

The first days after returning home, the first German female quarterback of a national football team still had a little surreal memory: "I felt that way, as if I had come back from a trip from the moon and now I was wondering, what could follow now. The experiences of the World Cup in Sweden and the 10 Days of a very regulated daily routine have left their mark “, explains Gabi Duvinage. “It was a great experience personally and I'm also very proud, that I was allowed to represent Germany in Stockholm and that my hometown Dietzenbach also supported me. The phone stopped on Monday evening and many friends wanted to know, what we had all experienced. ”Such a trip aroused Gabi's hunger for more and she now wants, even if the trained gardener is a little bit in her prime, also at the second World Cup, which will probably be held in North America in three years, be there again. "If I pass the try-outs, the coaches want me and if my feet keep carrying me, then I definitely want to be there again. ”Gabi doesn’t worry about her shape: “I am always in the fresh air at work and also work physically. Our football training is at least twice a week and we handle the Greater Frankfurt-Nuremberg area several times in a carpool. We love football and we like to sacrifice our free time for it. ”

In any case, Gabi Duvinage found the World Cup a sporty challenge. In Sweden, the participating nations played a higher level than in the DBL. The Americans were more athletic and lightning fast: “We could have beaten Canada in the first half, but we failed to score. I found Finland even more difficult to play. They were built smaller and more agile than we were, and much more agile on their feet. From this point of view, these two defeats were justified. "

What happens now? Thoughts of resignation were quickly pushed aside. The first round and probably also the playoffs in the DBL are waiting for Gabi and the Nürnberg Hurricanes and to be able to pass the Berlin Kobra Ladies would be nice in their opinion, but of course not that easy either.

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From the perspective of a fan


Autor: Johanna Frankenberg | Kategorie: Blog, Fan-Zone

It is early morning of 28.06.2010 when 5 make drowsy Hurricanes on their way to Sweden. The luggage we already checked on the eve. The boarding starts on time and so the plane starts to to short 08:30 AM Frankfurt.

The landing in sunny Stockholm against 10:00 Pm and the mood is good. The anticipation will come to what is huge. With the rainbow bus takes us then to central Stockholm. The hotel is a mix of grandma's living room and IKEA.

the rooms are quickly confiscated, only thrown in summer clothes and off you go to the team hotel. after about. 45 Minutes with the public we arrive at Nirvana Sweden. From the bus station to the hotel it aloud sign 50 Meter. It has to be another measure of length, because the hotel we reach only after 10 minutes. There we meet like the team from Finland. it tingles, soon the first World Cup starts. As we meet the German national team, We are warmly welcomed. But much time has not, the schedule of the players and coaches is tight. In the evening is still a training session in the stadium at Zinkensdamm.

29.06.2010 - "Good morning. Stockholm" The sun is shining since 03:00 Uhr. But thanks sleeping mask is the GAR NO PROBLEM! Noch 5 Hours to get us the first game (Austria vs. Finland) look at. In the evening, the first time is then sounded the German national anthem. To play our neighbors are already ca. 20 Germany fans in the stadium and cheer.

Together, we are preparing for the arrival of our national team. When the bus against 16:00 PM pulls up to sound the vuvuzelas and the team will be made loudly in reception. Visibly moved, the coaches and players walk a while and feel Laola. It also run one or the other tears of joy, without naming names.

It is 17:50 enter clock as the teams into the stadium. The mood among the fans is good, the pulse is greatly increased and it tingles all over my body. When the national anthem is heard singing about 50 Germany fans loudly with. Delighted with the performance of the girls on the field the fans with all his force cheer. The vuvuzelas horns and roar of the stadium, so that one does not understand his own words. After the actual announcer speaks only Swedish is found quickly a German stadium spokeswoman with megaphone among fans. Beautiful scenes with comments like "VERY, VERY NICE "underlined and not caught balls is calmed with the words" GAR NO PROBLEM!“. Thank you Kathi. In the end Germany wins 14:00 against Sweden. This makes joy more.

The next day, the players 2 Hours of free time and you meet in Stockholm City for fun and sightseeing. Once the team is gone we make a harbor cruise. It goes past the castle, Old Town, Södermalm und Stockholm City. after nearly 2 we put hours back in the game- and destination port on. Understanding: In the summer months, a vacation home would be great, in winter it is particularly the north of Sweden shun, otherwise you run the risk of no daylight to see. This also explains the high suicide rate in the Nordic countries, but only at the margins.

Am 01.07.2010 is the second group match of the Germans and this time, some fans paint the letter "SCHLAAAAAAAND" on the belly and present the work during the national anthem.

First, Germany does not take into the game and quickly gets into arrears. However, after the 1. Quarter woke up the girls and are linked to the performance of the first game. After the halftime shows of the German Defense no getting past, but unfortunately it is impossible for the team to win the game even more. Knapp, Germany Canada has to admit defeat. It is thus clear, Germany plays on Saturday against the loser of the following match between Finland and USA.

The grandstand fills gradually. Shortly before entering the teams from Finland and the US sit next to the fans all participating teams in the stands. At the end USA won clearly with 72:00. But the Finns offer more resistance than the result, it can be guessed. Both teams shine through strong pass- and running game and tackle scenes.

Now it was clear, it would be a tough game against Finland to court 3 be on Saturday. But on Friday were again 2 Hours off the national team. This time we spend time at the sea, right next to the team hotel. During the lunch, and the next theory lesson of the team we enjoy the great weather and cool us in the water (stark) from. At the end of the day some of us have a healthy lobster pink, but that's GAR NO PROBLEM.

Saturday, 03.07.2010, only a few hours to the match for third place 3. Before Austria takes on Sweden for third place 5 und 6. Scene of the day / the World Cup, an Austrian interception should be, up in the end zone carries the the ball. Unfortunately it was the wrong end zone and thus the Swedes over more pleased 2 Points on the scoreboard. (Note the Redation: The two points were missing the Oester Eicher inside at the end. It ended 18:20)

14:50 Uhr: Inlet Team. 14:55 Uhr: The national anthem is heard. 15:00 Uhr: kickoff Germany. As in the game against Canada, the Germans found not initially into play. Finland achieved quickly the first points and a victory of the Germans seems hopeless. To the 2. Quarter but it looks even better. The first touchdown for Germany and shortly after the break succeed the next touchdown. The team is now completely changed and marched as a bulwark by the Finnish Line. In an exciting final sprint Germany still comes once in possession. It stands 18:26 Finland and it is still 1 to play minutes. The offense tried on passing towards the end zone, but at the 20-yard line is closing and possession changes at 4 Seconds on the game clock.

In a few months, to 2 Tryouts and only one collective training before the World Cup there have 45 Spielerinnen, managed behind the scenes to stomp the coaches and the hard-working helpers the first women's team from the ground.

Despite all doubts and despite many negative votes in advance they all pulled together and have grown into a team. It is a big step for women's football and I am glad to have been a fan a part of this World Cup.

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Back to life!


Autor: Birgit pivot | Kategorie: Birgit pivot, Inside the Team

Ja, and, and….

wieder back to life, back to reality! Life caught up with me again. To 10 Days of isolation in an old sports boarding school and a beautifully located hotel, reality has me again. Less than seven hours after arriving in Frankfurt, and less than four hours after I went to bed, my alarm clock rang and I had to jump from my feathers to do my day's work.

Everything is still a bit surreal…I really was only 10 Tage out of space? It seems so much more to me. So much has passed me…I was a little scared, when I read in the newspaper today, as our new Federal President is called. Wasn't just the debate about the candidates?

I still seem slightly irradiated. My colleagues are surprised, when I am haphazardly in the office and looking for my calendar to coordinate my appointments independently. Sometimes I am inclined to take flipchart paper and hang my daily routine clearly. I read on Facebook, that others feel the same way. It means quickly again “grown up” to become, and from the “passive role” to come and plan life again independently. Even if it was pleasant, to shut down the brain sometimes.

What is left of them 10 Days World Cup? A mixed feeling. Great moments, goose bumps, but also disappointments and tears about personal and athletic performance. However, the pride of fighting to the end prevails. Not to have stuck my head in the sand and to have had a good show.

Christiane wrote it before. I was a popular photo subject. Quite exciting to be in the spotlight like this. Even before our first game, two Austrians came up to me, to ask me sheepishly, whether you can speak to me. Of course they can. Almost frozen with fear, they ask holes in my stomach, which I also willingly answer. After the game against Sweden, I will be intercepted again by Austria. This time the ladies have a request. You want to be photographed with me. Well, I'm ready for that too. It won't be the only and last time, where I'm asked to take a photo. Our bus driver describes himself as my biggest fan and gets a photo. A Canadian coach engages me in discussions about my football career; Canada and Finland still get some photos on the last evening, to be able to prove at home, that they actually had to fight such giants; and the girls from the USA are amazed and enthusiastic, don't believe me, that I'm actually so slow, as I say. But what I like best is the nickname, that Austria gave me. For them, my name is just “Germinator” like Herminator or Terminator. (*.*)b

My size was not an attraction in Stockholm alone, As I have heard, the commentators want to couple me up and offered the audience to get my mobile number if interested. What should I think of that??

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Great gesture


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog, Inside the Team

At a World Cup there are always players, who take a step forward. Like Manuela Scott from second division Stuttgart Scorpions Sisters. In the game for third place she could show that,what was already indicated in the first two encounters. It is able to carry the load in the attack. It made them reliable meter by meter.

On the other hand, there are players, they don't 100% of their performance. This time, she was unlucky on her side. Undisputedly she is one of the best players in Germany and was able to show at least in the second half. But Suse is more than just a good football player. She is also a good team player.

In the match for third place she was awarded the MVP honor by the organizer, because she ended up scoring two touchdowns. After handing over the helmet trophy on the field, she went directly to Manuela Scott and passed the trophy on to her. With this fair gesture, she wasn't just showing team- and sportsmanship, but also what everyone in the Germany team thought: Manuela Scott had earned the honor!

Suse got a helmet after all: We received a mini helmet from Team USA. It was passed on directly to her in thanks for her gesture.

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Lost :-(


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

Report at www.ladiesfootball.de.

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My better is better than your better


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

Although four teams live here on the site, you rarely get to see each other. Either you are on the move yourself or the others. You can talk to everyone, but one has the most contact with Canada, because they share most of the houses with us. So we from the staff have to go through a Canadian hallway every time to get to our rooms.

The Canadians we hung up a lot of motivational quotes. For example the picture from Friday Night Lights with the slogan “Can you be perfect?” or Al Pacino with “Inches”. There are also handwritten motivation articles about two Canadian wild geese, that the coach saw here. Geese take care of each other, work in a team. Who can no longer, lets himself fall back and the next goose takes over the leadership work. Does she need a break, a goose stays with her. One is careful when eating, while the other is eating. The usual motivational phrase. But the geese don't do that, because they are geese, but Canadians!!!

But we still found the most beautiful:

My better is better than your better

Good, better, best. It is not enough, just wanting to be better. We're going to do our BEST today to win.

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Online again..


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog

Finally it is “nightmare” past. We have internet again.

Die letzten 24 Hours were very stormy. The important things first: We have 14:0 won. Respect to them 45 Women, who won this victory.

The details of the game are now online at www.ladiesfoorball.de. Also at www.ifaf.org there is a report on the game. Have fun while reading.

I will then put the remaining stories piece by piece here online. Just a little patience please. And constant pressing, that the internet won't collapse again.

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The World Cup has begun..


Autor: AGebek | Kategorie: General, Blog, Press relations, Staff

Without a break we continue. I must now quickly to the stadium, the first game starts right.

On the way through the city center, the Navi in ​​the tunnel becomes disoriented. We turn from wrong and know for the area around the main station now very good.

Arriving at the stadium Katrin Bartels tried to get my accreditation. No one goes to the telephone and the national anthems have been playing. But I'm on time on site, begins as it.

Some viewers are also there, more to come later. At the entrance of Stockholm, the traffic control center was also advertised for the World Cup on the signs. In the city itself, however, we see less of it.

USA gets the ball. You start very nervous. Austria can compete in the first two drives well. But then US strikes with athletics. Short screen passes and away you go. The United States is damn fast, large, athletic and dizipliniert. And unfortunately, they act damn arrogant. She quickly lead 19:0 in the first quarter at the end of it 63:0 for the favorites. A bit high for fighting bravely Austrians. With two I talk in the evening at the hotel yet. They were very creased, a bit more they had been hoping for. But the physical superiority of the Americans was clearly. Since it has already pretty gerummst.

After PK Katrin Bartels has found a pub for us. Football Germany-England. The classic. A great game. If football ever so would, who knows if I will still not the round ball would chase. But it's not. While we sit, come more and more to. All fans of the German team. A Swedish Päarchen, Exchange students from Germany. It forms a large group. 4:1 was, for a game. Immediately I complain no more about the Wembley goal, as it is one to one between England and us. With the final whistle, I go to the stadium again, for here now play our opponents Sweden and Canada. Canada has a slight advantage. The Swedes are very small. A bit of it reminds students Tackle Football and or Frodo from Lord of the Rings. But they are quick and committed. The audience roars the team forward. great atmosphere. Shortly before the end of the third Quarters it is thrilling. The Defense of Canada captured a ball and carries it to 12:0 back. But Sweden counters with Kickoffreturn touchdown. 12:6. Sweden fightet really hard. But in the end saves Canada with an interception the game and wins his opener. Easy is not a game at the World Cup, but both opponents are feasible. Der Satz könnte auch aus Waldis WM-Club stammen 😉

After the game, another PK. Again, I'm sitting alone in front of the coaches and players. Laureen from the IFAF leads confidently through the press conference. Allso super, but unfortunately not a single journalist on site. Not even in the Sweden game. Sad. The Football World Cup does not take this as an excuse, because Sweden yes is not it. IFAF rewinds the entire PR stuff from, only to journalists no one has thought. On demand Laureen not know even, as the invitations were running locally. Probably no one has bothered drum. This is a pity, because the rest of the World Cup is super great. So far, everything works, locally the organization is great, There are regular shuttle buses. Perfect. Only when the press unfortunately it still Harpert.

I'm going back with Team Canada. You quickly this week. Everything nice and relaxed here very. For 20 Minutes, the German vanguard sets times to the water and enjoy the hotel, the look and the rising moon.

So relaxed, it is then also not. Back in the room goes again to work. write an article, bring laptop online, Add videos, Images on laptop, etc…

I am falling asleep. The 48 Hour day comes to an end. Good night.

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Ms. Janssen leg is looking forward, and has body…


Autor: Bettina Janssen | Kategorie: General, Bettina Janssen, Blog

Der dritte und letzte Tag in Strausberg geht seinem Ende zu und ich bin geschafft. Die zwei täglichen Trainingseinheiten in der prallen Sonne haben mich einfach dahingerafft. Nicht nur dass der erste Tag mit Anreise, Theoriestunden, Trainingseinheiten und Videoanalysen für mich knappe 13 Stunden gedauert hat, am zweiten und dritten Tag ging es nicht minder flott weiter.

Nachdem am Freitag das praktische Training noch ein wenig chaotisch war, weil sich alle wieder in ihre Positionen und Teams finden und auch die Spielzüge wieder neu aufeinander abgestimmt werden mussten, ging es wieder mit frischem Elan und neuer Motivation wieder auf das glühende Kunstrasenfeld.

Vom Training schubbern regelmäßig noch diverse Granulatbrocken in Schuhen und anderen Ausrüstungsgegenständen, aber das hindert niemanden daran auf allen Spielpositionen Gas zu geben.

Ich habe hier in Strausberg viel gelacht, habe auch einmal, ein langer Tag in Sonne auf dem Trainingsfeld kann einen auch schon mal an die Leistungsgrenzen bringen, kurz nach einem besonders ordentlichen Block meiner Mitspielerin Sarah ein paar Tränchen vergossen. Aber was soll es, die blauen Flecken werden hier wie alte Kriegsnarben verglichen und bestaunt. Ich muss auch noch daran denken, mich bei meinem Defense-Line-Coach für seine Geduld zu bedanken…

Mein Defense-Line-Coach Markus Grässer und der Defense-Coordinator Daniel Koch geben ihr Bestes uns auf den kommenden ersten Gegner Schweden einzustellen. Die WM in Schweden hat bereits heute begonnen, unser erstes Spiel wird am Dienstag sein. Videoanlaysen, Walk-Throughs und Individuals, abgestimmt auf die verschiedenen Positionen im Feld, haben das einzige Ziel das Team als eins arbeiten zu lassen, um abgestimmt auf die Gastgeber vorbereitet zu sein.

Den heutigen Abend im Camp haben wir mit Packen verbracht. Wir haben noch diverse Kleidungsstücke erhalten, die uns als Mitglieder der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft ausweisen, aber damit hat uns das Komitee zugleich einen Gefallen getan und gleichzeitig so manche der Mädels nahe an einen Pack-Kollaps gebracht. Wie bereits bekannt, sind nur 20 Kg im Gepäck erlaubt und so sah man heute Abend diverse Mädchen und Frauen hektisch nach den Federwaagen für das Gepäck suchen. Wie nur alles in die Taschen packen? Was wird hier gelassen? Heute Abend kann keiner verleugnen, dass wir wirklich Mädchen sind…

Langsam wird es ruhig auf den Fluren und auch ich werde mich gleich schnellstmöglich in die Federn begeben. Mein Körper wird es mir danken. Jetzt ist es gleich 12 Uhr nachts und Frühstück wird morgen früh um sechs sein, damit wir uns gegen 7 Uhr auf den Weg zum Flughafen gen Stockholm machen können. Natürlich in unseren Deutschland-Trainingsanzügen.

Also werde ich nun meine restlichen Dinge zusammenklauben und auf den Tisch für morgen legen, This brings me to the bus to the airport afloat out of bed and early.

Tomorrow night I'll be in Sweden and Tuesday tread my first game on the road to World Cup. I can still hardly believe.

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