The World Cup has begun..


Without a break we continue. I must now quickly to the stadium, the first game starts right.

On the way through the city center, the Navi in ​​the tunnel becomes disoriented. We turn from wrong and know for the area around the main station now very good.

Arriving at the stadium Katrin Bartels tried to get my accreditation. No one goes to the telephone and the national anthems have been playing. But I'm on time on site, begins as it.

Some viewers are also there, more to come later. At the entrance of Stockholm, the traffic control center was also advertised for the World Cup on the signs. In the city itself, however, we see less of it.

USA gets the ball. You start very nervous. Austria can compete in the first two drives well. But then US strikes with athletics. Short screen passes and away you go. The United States is damn fast, large, athletic and dizipliniert. And unfortunately, they act damn arrogant. She quickly lead 19:0 in the first quarter at the end of it 63:0 for the favorites. A bit high for fighting bravely Austrians. With two I talk in the evening at the hotel yet. They were very creased, a bit more they had been hoping for. But the physical superiority of the Americans was clearly. Since it has already pretty gerummst.

After PK Katrin Bartels has found a pub for us. Football Germany-England. The classic. A great game. If football ever so would, who knows if I will still not the round ball would chase. But it's not. While we sit, come more and more to. All fans of the German team. A Swedish Päarchen, Exchange students from Germany. It forms a large group. 4:1 was, for a game. Immediately I complain no more about the Wembley goal, as it is one to one between England and us. With the final whistle, I go to the stadium again, for here now play our opponents Sweden and Canada. Canada has a slight advantage. The Swedes are very small. A bit of it reminds students Tackle Football and or Frodo from Lord of the Rings. But they are quick and committed. The audience roars the team forward. great atmosphere. Shortly before the end of the third Quarters it is thrilling. The Defense of Canada captured a ball and carries it to 12:0 back. But Sweden counters with Kickoffreturn touchdown. 12:6. Sweden fightet really hard. But in the end saves Canada with an interception the game and wins his opener. Easy is not a game at the World Cup, but both opponents are feasible. The sentence could also come from Waldis World Cup Club 😉

After the game, another PK. Again, I'm sitting alone in front of the coaches and players. Laureen from the IFAF leads confidently through the press conference. Allso super, but unfortunately not a single journalist on site. Not even in the Sweden game. Sad. The Football World Cup does not take this as an excuse, because Sweden yes is not it. IFAF rewinds the entire PR stuff from, only to journalists no one has thought. On demand Laureen not know even, as the invitations were running locally. Probably no one has bothered drum. This is a pity, because the rest of the World Cup is super great. So far, everything works, locally the organization is great, There are regular shuttle buses. Perfect. Only when the press unfortunately it still Harpert.

I'm going back with Team Canada. You quickly this week. Everything nice and relaxed here very. For 20 Minutes, the German vanguard sets times to the water and enjoy the hotel, the look and the rising moon.

So relaxed, it is then also not. Back in the room goes again to work. write an article, bring laptop online, Add videos, Images on laptop, etc…

I am falling asleep. The 48 Hour day comes to an end. Good night.

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