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Ja, and, and….

wieder back to life, back to reality! Life caught up with me again. To 10 Days of isolation in an old sports boarding school and a beautifully located hotel, reality has me again. Less than seven hours after arriving in Frankfurt, and less than four hours after I went to bed, my alarm clock rang and I had to jump from my feathers to do my day's work.

Everything is still a bit surreal…I really was only 10 Tage out of space? It seems so much more to me. So much has passed me…I was a little scared, when I read in the newspaper today, as our new Federal President is called. Wasn't just the debate about the candidates?

I still seem slightly irradiated. My colleagues are surprised, when I am haphazardly in the office and looking for my calendar to coordinate my appointments independently. Sometimes I am inclined to take flipchart paper and hang my daily routine clearly. I read on Facebook, that others feel the same way. It means quickly again “grown up” to become, and from the “passive role” to come and plan life again independently. Even if it was pleasant, to shut down the brain sometimes.

What is left of them 10 Days World Cup? A mixed feeling. Great moments, goose bumps, but also disappointments and tears about personal and athletic performance. However, the pride of fighting to the end prevails. Not to have stuck my head in the sand and to have had a good show.

Christiane wrote it before. I was a popular photo subject. Quite exciting to be in the spotlight like this. Even before our first game, two Austrians came up to me, to ask me sheepishly, whether you can speak to me. Of course they can. Almost frozen with fear, they ask holes in my stomach, which I also willingly answer. After the game against Sweden, I will be intercepted again by Austria. This time the ladies have a request. You want to be photographed with me. Well, I'm ready for that too. It won't be the only and last time, where I'm asked to take a photo. Our bus driver describes himself as my biggest fan and gets a photo. A Canadian coach engages me in discussions about my football career; Canada and Finland still get some photos on the last evening, to be able to prove at home, that they actually had to fight such giants; and the girls from the USA are amazed and enthusiastic, don't believe me, that I'm actually so slow, as I say. But what I like best is the nickname, that Austria gave me. For them, my name is just “Germinator” like Herminator or Terminator. (*.*)b

My size was not an attraction in Stockholm alone, As I have heard, the commentators want to couple me up and offered the audience to get my mobile number if interested. What should I think of that??

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