QB Gabi Duvinage: "Next goal - World Cup 2013"


The first days after returning home, the first German female quarterback of a national football team still had a little surreal memory: "I felt that way, as if I had come back from a trip from the moon and now I was wondering, what could follow now. The experiences of the World Cup in Sweden and the 10 Days of a very regulated daily routine have left their mark “, explains Gabi Duvinage. “It was a great experience personally and I'm also very proud, that I was allowed to represent Germany in Stockholm and that my hometown Dietzenbach also supported me. The phone stopped on Monday evening and many friends wanted to know, what we had all experienced. ”Such a trip aroused Gabi's hunger for more and she now wants, even if the trained gardener is a little bit in her prime, also at the second World Cup, which will probably be held in North America in three years, be there again. "If I pass the try-outs, the coaches want me and if my feet keep carrying me, then I definitely want to be there again. ”Gabi doesn’t worry about her shape: “I am always in the fresh air at work and also work physically. Our football training is at least twice a week and we handle the Greater Frankfurt-Nuremberg area several times in a carpool. We love football and we like to sacrifice our free time for it. ”

In any case, Gabi Duvinage found the World Cup a sporty challenge. In Sweden, the participating nations played a higher level than in the DBL. The Americans were more athletic and lightning fast: “We could have beaten Canada in the first half, but we failed to score. I found Finland even more difficult to play. They were built smaller and more agile than we were, and much more agile on their feet. From this point of view, these two defeats were justified. "

What happens now? Thoughts of resignation were quickly pushed aside. The first round and probably also the playoffs in the DBL are waiting for Gabi and the Nürnberg Hurricanes and to be able to pass the Berlin Kobra Ladies would be nice in their opinion, but of course not that easy either.

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