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At a World Cup there are always players, who take a step forward. Like Manuela Scott from second division Stuttgart Scorpions Sisters. In the game for third place she could show that,what was already indicated in the first two encounters. It is able to carry the load in the attack. It made them reliable meter by meter.

On the other hand, there are players, they don't 100% of their performance. This time, she was unlucky on her side. Undisputedly she is one of the best players in Germany and was able to show at least in the second half. But Suse is more than just a good football player. She is also a good team player.

In the match for third place she was awarded the MVP honor by the organizer, because she ended up scoring two touchdowns. After handing over the helmet trophy on the field, she went directly to Manuela Scott and passed the trophy on to her. With this fair gesture, she wasn't just showing team- and sportsmanship, but also what everyone in the Germany team thought: Manuela Scott had earned the honor!

Suse got a helmet after all: We received a mini helmet from Team USA. It was passed on directly to her in thanks for her gesture.

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