My better is better than your better


Although four teams live here on the site, you rarely get to see each other. Either you are on the move yourself or the others. You can talk to everyone, but one has the most contact with Canada, because they share most of the houses with us. So we from the staff have to go through a Canadian hallway every time to get to our rooms.

The Canadians we hung up a lot of motivational quotes. For example the picture from Friday Night Lights with the slogan “Can you be perfect?” or Al Pacino with “Inches”. There are also handwritten motivation articles about two Canadian wild geese, that the coach saw here. Geese take care of each other, work in a team. Who can no longer, lets himself fall back and the next goose takes over the leadership work. Does she need a break, a goose stays with her. One is careful when eating, while the other is eating. The usual motivational phrase. But the geese don't do that, because they are geese, but Canadians!!!

But we still found the most beautiful:

My better is better than your better

Good, better, best. It is not enough, just wanting to be better. We're going to do our BEST today to win.

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