Press distribution must be filled


set up a press distribution's easy:

You just have a link to the registration deposit on the home page and wait. Interested parties come willingly.

Unfortunately it is not so easy. The link is here, only the journalists not. So I still have to make active press work. And that is not easy. Where can I get the addresses, as I speak to journalists, as we do to our attention? And if one has interest, what can we offer him?

The last question was the easiest. The new women's national team will have a lot to offer. After all, we have been gaming operations, decades of experience and with countries second Damenbundesliaga created a structure zukunftsträchige. In our squad are the different characters. Suse Erdmann, Ladies Bowl MVP, which led her team to the German championship with a stellar performance. Or Gaby Duvinage, the already longer Football plays the woman's Football in Germany exists and her team as a quarterback confidently led to the final. Manuela Scott is in the squad, whose husband and brother are both in the squad of the men's national team and it is active in passing in the cheerleading team. The list is long and until the World Cup we will have enough material, to continually provide interesting articles. This they will be on the Side can always read.

The second step is compile information. What do journalists? The squad is important, especially for local patriots. “Nine players from Nuremberg with it” the Frankish Press, while the Rhineland can look forward depending on your preference nine Düsseldorf or six Cologne. These little information about the World Cup 2010, a few offers on the interesting interlocutor in the national team and for imaging a photo of the Ladies Bowl. That should be enough.

And to whom you send the? There are so many media in Germany. Good to have friends, can support a. A known source for this purpose is the Zimpel, a database of journalists. So quickly create a distributor, via email series connect with a personal approach and send. Whereby the ship as it turned protracted than expected. So exercise patience. This is especially difficult.

One thing we have not forgotten: take the clubs on board. The clubs will ship yes to every match reports on their press distribution. These journalists are specially interested in information from the national team. so managed. Now it's wait and see. We hope, that we could win on this path many new contacts and can revive as the press work.

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