We have been on the road since early in the morning. Coach Markus Grässer, Defense Line Coach, and who I played with ages ago, picked us up. Head north over the motorway. During a stopover in an American fast food restaurant, we meet the first players. The car from Nuremberg also takes a break here. When the sun is shining, we arrive in Silberhorn one hour before the meeting point. The first players, flown in via Paderborn Airport, are already waiting for us.

The hostel's father is very open-minded and first shows us the space. A nice reception. Car by car, more players are now arriving. You greet each other, After all, you have known each other for years even without a national team. “Hello, the hair a little shorter now?” I am amazed, some coaches quickly got used to the women's national team.

That the difference between women and men is smaller than you might think, you will feel it in the next few minutes. The tension increases. Everyone wants to show, what you can. The minutes before training are the same in every team. No matter if that gentlemen, Are teenagers or women. But first there is theory, only then you go to the field.

Meanwhile the sun is gone. The announced rain is coming. And it's gotten a lot colder, when the players enter the training ground for the first time. But it gets worse. At the inside run it starts to lightning and thunder. The moves suffer from the wet and cold and when the lightning gets thicker, remains only a logical step: cancellation. We prefer the theory unit from Saturday morning, so that the time is used sensibly. “Be flexible” Coach Trabi has already written in the special team playbook. Then let's stick to it.

The team leader, Competitive sports director Christiane Langkamm and manager Mariam Khamsi-Strauch, are traveling with the hostess father. You check the artificial turf pitch in Holzminden, which the host's father has reserved as a precaution. Thank god you have to say, because after the rain the water is on the square behind the youth hostel. After the snow has melted, the water does not flow away as quickly as usual, the hostel father explains to us.

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