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The weather is a little better. better means, that you can train. It is still raining in between and when the wind is up it is also bitterly cold. But we can do it, for which we are meeting here: Football!

The first training session of the day takes Coach “babies” Melzer. He has developed an extensive program, to test the players for special teams. While the kicker, Punter, go down Long snapper and Returner to the square, I may I film the test kickoff and Kickoffreturn. May, because the camera is in the warm dining room of this, slowly turn into a mud desert during the girls on the field before me. In five rows side by side they run over and over again the field down. With an increasing number of girls is changing the white and red jerseys slowly into a uniform brown. Later we will see, that there are many shades of brown, depending on how old the stains are.

The following team training is of course filmed. When InsideRun offense succeed some big plays. Later in the scrimmage, the Defense has again ahead.

standards Lueck, our video man, the cameras collected immediately after training. Now the hot phase begins for him. All videos are transferred to his laptop and stored each move individually. This will take the longest in the entire process. We to record the Indies all drills on. The scrimmage will be even partially filmed with three cameras. If standards has everything on his laptop, then he takes him out to dinner and the coaches get the way the videos on their hard drives copied. Thanks to modern technology every coach is all the video promptly on his laptop available. A great thing, especially if you are the one with the situation 10 to 15 years compares. At that time there was only VHS Video. Copying took forever and when playing the comfort was not very. Instead of VHS and television, you now have computers and projectors.

In the afternoon we are back on the square. There are now only a few corners, that we haven't plowed over yet. The player slides out more often. The first injuries also occurred. Our two physios Meike and Steffen have their hands full with taping and treating minor injuries, but now our team doctor Dr. Marco Ezechieli to do. The space conditions are partly to blame, some of them are injuries, that can happen in football. All injured from here get well soon and the wish that they will be well soon.

In the afternoon we have the press again. This time it is the Neue Westfälische, that we can welcome. Suse Erdmann is wanted as an interview partner, who presented itself in good shape in the training camp and dances through the opponents several times in the afternoon as if they were slalom poles.

In the evening, in addition to the video and theory units, all defense players will have a one-to-one talk on the program. Defense Coordinator Daniel Koch and his coaches talk to each player in their group. They show you up, where they are currently in the ranking, what is expected of them on the last day of training, where their strengths and where their weaknesses are. So every player knows the starting situation for the last day. The measure, which is rather unusual in football, is well received by the players.

In the evening everyone sinks into bed tired. The night is short, not least because the time change steals an additional hour from us. Rumor has it that a coach fell asleep in his room while preparing for the next day over work…

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