Press Camp


Teams do well not so common station in Hochsolling. pity, because the area around Silberborn is well suited. It is located in Germany and offers all reasonable access routes. And the holiday region with its rich nature is secluded enough, that focus on , but rather provides that matters. The sport.

The rare presence of teams needed us an even greater attention. We had three times the press at Camp. The Daily Gazette Holzminden, Westfalenblatt and Neue Westfälische (in the order of arrival) gave us the honor. we could maintain a result the next day in hand. When Daily Gazette we had made it to the front page and get an extra half a page in local sports. Our innkeeper got us three copies. Thank you very much.

Perhaps the article were the cause, that we had in the afternoon session as many onlookers, who were very interested and have watched enthusiastically. Turned even have been sitting in the trees around the field of play.

Front page Daily Gazette Holzminden

Preview in NeuenWestfälischen

Newspapers in Camp

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