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Hello to all readers,

I hope you have taken the time and practiced the "WR Stance"?

Now we come to "Wide Receiver Start".

After we brought our stance in form and are ready to start, we need to know where to go at all.

There are different types of releases at the start, there would be the one of the classic straight ahead (Vertical-), directly ( Attack-), the inwardly (Seam-) and the outwardly (Burst Release).

Always the same Stance

Before starting you should you ever his shoulders parallel to the LOS set up so that no one can guess your running direction.

The first steps (First Steps)

The first step is to the back foot powerful and fast forward. The length of the step everyone can determine for themselves where my recommendation is a shorter step to find faster back ground. With the second, third and fourth steps which must also be set quickly it will expansive. A further point that must be noted is the posture. As with the stance of the body must be directed forward, a good example of the athletes are when they are started out of the blocks.

Vertical Release

Should you choose to use the "Vertical release" to run in your Pass route you should know, that her for a lot of speed needs. advantages: The defender must be at least. can build up as much speed so that it remains up to you to it, He do not know where you want to run and can imagine it only.

Attack Release

With this launch, you walk straight to the defender to going in which direction you are going to convey that he can not recognize your break him. advantages: As just mentioned, he can not see where you want to run or. whether you want to block it, He will open his hips too early and thus give you the opportunity to go in the other direction. disadvantage: Should you decide you too late for one direction and could therefore be too close in front of the defenders run up to her and so will your timing or. the route destroyed.

Seam und Burst Release

This is the inward (Seam) and around the outwardly (Burst) Start before your break in the direction of your current route goes to. advantages: The defender turns to early in the direction which you profess him right from the start. After he has opened, do you have with the break in your route more separation defender e.g.. Hitch (Burst Release) = DB opens outwards. Once he has turned you have your breakfast inside (for QB).

is the most important point of each time is a priority, that we always have to make the separation a defender and then the possibly. to catch next ball without disabilities. As was the Stance, Practice creates masters.

Your coach Trabi

„Be Prepared“ „Be on Time” „Be Perfect“ but „Be Flexible“

Coach Trabi’s Tips & Tricks are a number of general contributions to techniques in American football. These techniques do not always agree with the coached the national team techniques. All internationals address any questions, please contact your coordinator or position coach.

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