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Hollywood movies have liked to work with clichés. And if a young person is to be presented as something violent and not so clever, then often the role is used as a football player. And among the football players the position of the Defense Line player in this respect is the most negative occupied. Prejudices and stereotypes, where everyone likes to use. But as is often the reality is then another.

In the German Nationalmansnchaft plays on the Defense Line Sandra Lemmer from Munich. The 32-year-old is the counterexample. She has a PhD in German philology. For those who alone have to look for the name: German studies.

A big concern for Sandra is, dispel precisely this Voruteilen. She wants to show, that Football is a Kobination from smooth power and bowl, from Hau-plan and strategy, of power and technology, of strength and coordination. And preparing for a game not only inflaming music, but may be made in her case also meditative music a la Enya. And one or another quick prayer, that yes can also be helpful.

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