Christiane Müller is there!


Good news for them 33 year old from Dresden.

Sometimes one phone call can ruin all plans. Christiane Müller is now experiencing this too. When her phone rang recently, she didn't know anything about it yet. At the other end of the line was the AFVD competitive sports director for women Christiane Langkamm from Berlin with good news.

Christiane Müller was named for the American Football Women's World Cup 2010 nominated in Stockholm. The motto for the summer is now 2010: Stockholm instead of a lake, World championship instead of free time. However, Christiane Müller was not completely unexpected. As a wide receiver, she has been on the list of replacements for the 45 squad since the national team's camp in April. She now benefits from Sharon Klitsch's rejection, who cannot be there at the World Cup.

“Of course I was really happy, when Christiane called me. Especially since, as a mom, who had taken a baby break in the past season, I didn't expect any great chances (and I'm no longer very young either ;)) But now I'm allowed to go to Sweden! “The pharmacist from Dresden is happy. She has already booked the vacation spot for her son with her grandparents and the duty rosters at work are still being adjusted.

“Fortunately, the subsequent nomination did not come too soon. I do not know, like me in just 2-3 Days. But this way I can slowly tune into Sweden and be a little proud. World Championship ... if only in the 2. Start-up, but i'm there!“

In the national team, Christiane Müller will meet four team-mates from the Dresden Diamonds, who also made it into the women's national team. From 25. June the team will meet in Strausberg near Berlin, to prepare for the World Cup.

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