Zinkensdamm IP


The World Cup will take place in the Zinkensdamms IP stadium.

Zinkensdamms IP
Ringvägen 16
117 26 Stockholm

59° 18′56 ″ N 18 ° 03′00 ″ O

Das 1937 opened stadium is home to the football club Reymersholms IK. But only in summer, because in winter the Hammarby IF Bandy plays here. This variant of ice hockey, unknown in Germany, is very similar to football. The game is played on an ice surface the size of a football field 10 Field players plus goalkeeper.

In the stadium Zinkensdamm IP (IP stands for IDrottPlats and means sports field) also found several times, last 2008, the Bandy World Championship took place.

But American football is also at home here. Die Stockholm Mean Machines, a top European team, hosts its home games here.

http://www.meanmachines.se/ Translation with Google

The European Youth Championship 2006 also played in this stadium.

A variety of uses is made possible by artificial turf. The lawn is very short and filled with granules. Zinkensdamm IP has 5900 Spectator seats, fixed football markings and a covered grandstand. The stadium is less than two kilometers from the city center and has its own underground station.

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