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Germany plays in national colors

Future Sports becomes the outfitter for the women's national team.

As part of the German Japan Bowl, the women's national team provided the jerseys for the World Cup 2010 in Stockholm. Both the ladies and the gentlemen will be 2010 equipped by Future Sport and wear the same jerseys for Germany.

The new jerseys are black and set off with red cuffs on the neck and on the side. The sewn numbers are yellow and also set off with red. The national coat of arms with the eagle sits proudly on the chest as an eye-catcher. Germany is emblazoned in white letters on the back. Together with the red trousers and the well-known black helmet with the national coat of arms, it gives a strong one, respectful appearance.

“We are pleased to be able to work together with Future Sport in the women's national team. Future Sport has proven to be a reliable partner, ”says press spokesman Andreas Gebek happily. “The men's outfit was well received at the German Japan Bowl. This means that our women will also make a good appearance in Sweden. We know, that the look of the jersey cannot decide a game. Important is, that the quality and fit are right. It has to be tight. And that is given with the new jerseys from Future Sport. And if it also looks so good, all the better. Who feels good, also plays better. The national players Michelle Schaffner, Sonja Meurer, Diana Wallin and Silke Huskobla, who were allowed to present the jerseys, were in any case enthusiastic right away. "

At the same time as the jerseys, the women's national team also presented the players' numbers in Stockholm. A sign of that, that the world championship is getting closer and closer. From now on the fans can paint their cheering signs for the Zinkensdamm Stadium. You should already remember one number now: Suse Erdmann is with the number 21 play. So that we can hear as often as possible in June:
„Touchdown Germany Number 21“

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