Facts about the team: 3,7 Tons of air freight


For the world championship, Christiane Langkamm has to fly for 3,7 Get tons of our most precious cargo.

Our players!

Strictly speaking 3689,1 kg live weight brings the German women's national team together on the scale. That makes an average weight of 81 kg per player.

Of course there is more for the flight, even if a lot of the equipment is driven with the van. In addition to the players' luggage and equipment, we also have the coaches and supervisors. Here, however, the exact recording of the weights was dispensed with. At whose request this was done, is still being determined.

We hope, Not to exceed the weight on the way back. The medals hoped for shouldn't be the problem, but Sweden is known for Godis, Cinnamon buns, Semlor, Princess cake and chocolate balls. Not to forget the oat biscuits from the famous furniture store…

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