Coach Trabi’s Tips&Tricks: WR Moves


Hello my Ladys,

after the “Stance and Start”, of course, the pass route follows. I gave you an excerpt from my playbook as a PDF file to look at or. Download attached. What you can see here are the most common routes as I run them with my wide receivers in Spandau, of course there are small adjustments here and there, but basically it should look something like this.

The pass routes can be seen against a cornerback that is a little lower, on the other hand against a closely standing defender who plays the so-called "press coverage".

The “single move” is a feint of the receiver into the opposite one, Planned running direction to deceive the defender. In press coverage, the defender will always try to interfere with the receiver with his hands on the LOS, which he does with the use of his hands (knock away) must prevent.

This deception can of course also be done with a “double move”, that means you only react in the direction in which you actually want to run, then take a step in the opposite direction and then finally come back to the planned direction. It all sounds very difficult, but practice makes perfect.

Until then you can practice the routes dry or against a defender who tries to defend you one on one.

In the next tips&Tricks we deal with the release techniques against a corner in press coverage.

Your coach Trabi

„Be Prepared“ „Be on Time” „Be Perfect“ but „Be Flexible“

Spandau Bulldogs Wide Receiver Route Adjustments

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