… and far too little time!


World Cup in Sweden, Final exam and far too little time!

Today is already Monday and in just four days we are off to the training camp in Strausberg. Where in the world only time remains? It was just months before the American Football World Cup in Sweden, then many long weeks and now time is just running away!!

Tomorrow is my very last one, absolute final exam before. Tomorrow afternoon at three I have everything behind me and will finally turn to the "important" things: pack the bag for Sweden.

What do you take with you to a World Cup as a participant? And why only 20 Kg??? I may not be a "girl" girl, which would carry three cupboard-high suitcases on vacation, But like all my teammates, I have to put my equipment in my luggage in addition to doing the laundry for ten days. What casual clothes do I pack? I save weight, if I limit myself to shorts? I pack shower gel and shampoo at all? Hotels actually always furnish the rooms with it. Maybe I'm just taking curd soap with me, as my teammate Sarah suggested, I couldn't just do laundry with it, take care of me and my hair, but also use the soap in connection with a sock with a potential snorer in the room as a "remote control for the in-room volume control". Who needs to save space and weight, just becomes inventive. With a smile, I also wonder, how long you can wear a pair of socks, before it smells unpleasant…

My three team members have already started a circular email among us fours on Facebook: I pack my suitcase and take it with me… A good idea, because I wouldn't have thought of it, z.B. still anti mosquito spray, to pack the emergency number of the international health insurance or a dirty laundry bag. I also took the vaccination card, I should have had pre-treated for tick bites? nonsense, our hotel is located in the archipelago of Stockholm, but we don't come from the city anyway.

So it's getting serious. I have to try out, so that I stay under the 20kg limit. Will my big sports bag be enough or will I stuff everything into my world travel backpack? How many T-shirts are needed, how many times will i be able to wash? Is it rather fresh or warm?? I try on my swimming gear again in advance, whether they still fit? Fragen über Fragen. I will also have to clean up my MP3 player and repack it. I'm going to pump up music, to "come down" and fall asleep, only what and how much?

I have three days left, to put together and pack all things and I already know, that I will still forget something, which I have to buy expensive in Stockholm. According to the schedule, there won't be much time for shopping and the next shops are one 10 minute bus ride from the hotel. So I hope so, that the 45 Girls skillfully complement each other, otherwise we will probably be bartering with the other two teams (Kanada und Finnland) have to commit, which are also housed in our hotel.

I doubt it, that the players of the German national soccer team deal with the 20 Kg-limit at all. If the boys forget some shoes, then surely some assistant whizzes away, who worries the forgotten and the desired.

I should also request such an assistant from our team management…

Online also at http://www.lokalkompass.de/wesel/sport/weltmeisterschaft-in-schweden-abschlusspruefung-und-viel-zu-wenig-zeit-d2998.html

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