Excursion to Stockholm


A bit of culture was on the program on Wednesday. After beating Sweden, the team was allowed to spend two hours downtown Stockholm. Since the internet didn't work again, I went with.

In fact, I waited with you. Because our bus around 9:00 did not come. When a team is late,it has to pay a fine. And what about the bus. But it wasn't too late, he didn't come at all. For it was killed 9:20 the bus of the Canadians, the for 10:00 was ordered. To 15 Minutes, Christiane had the local organizing committee in the person of Laura (the colorful blob behind the windshield), that it makes sense, when the bus drops us off downtown quickly and then drives to Canada.

So in and go. In the end we had 45 Wasted minutes. The visit was just enough for that, to walk through the shopping arcade to the castle, an arch through the old town and back again. We were able to briefly attend a small parade at the castle, for which some high-ranking politician came along. who? No idea, we also had to go back.

I learned something on the way back. I could have guessed that beforehand, but good. You never go to the toilet of a fast food restaurant at the main station. No way. After dropping five crowns, the door opened. A black hole in front of me. I feel for the light switch. It only goes on a black light. Where am I? The black light doesn't really help, but you can see every splash on the wall and every scrap of paper on the floor. Bizarre. I prefer to spare myself details. I'll keep that in mind in the future.

Otherwise the trip was short, but nice. You can come here just like that.

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