Greetings from Dresden


It's been a few days. Our first training in Zinkensdamm IP.

There are very strict guidelines here, as for scouting when training the other teams. It is forbidden in any form. You can't even look. Nobody, no matter if player, Coach, Staff or fan.

Sometimes it's not that easy. The training units are lined up seamlessly. And because the bus never arrives exactly to the minute, just take a look. It cannot be avoided. In addition, the stadium was full during our training. A group of athletes, soccer-playing kids, a few loitering figures. And an elderly gentleman in civilian clothes. He looked very interested. That's Larry, the Canadian head coach. Age, the beard, glasses, figure, size. Everything fits. Only the typical Canada red of the clothes is missing.

We don't care about normal viewers, but Canada? That does not have to be. So watch closely. A photo taken with telephoto. Hm, perhaps, rather probably not. Now his wife is taking notes, maybe yes?

The solution was simple. Our #40 Jana ran over to the next water break and greeted her parents. This “Spy” came from Dresden.

But what is the Japanese doing there? She films the pregame against Sweden? The next spy? Always stay vigilant…

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