No electricity in the hotel


On Monday we read the horror news for us. The electricity will be switched off on Tuesday - from the morning 8:00 to 11:30 und 13:00 to 14:00. The only ones, the off 13:00 should be in the house, We were. And we had a video meeting scheduled at that time.

What now?

No problem for Thorsten Kuhnert, our equipment manager. He actually had an emergency power generator with him. 500 Watts should be enough.

The next morning, when we woke up, the power was gone shortly after seven. We hadn't even printed out and laminated the gameplans. So Thorsten started the unit and took care of the necessary printouts. The offer in the kitchen was a bit limited. Coffee was only available as an instant version. The Russian boys had bunkered warm water for us too.

There was chaos in the kitchen. The four teams in front of us had left a lot of dirty dishes. Dishwasher didn't work, because the kitchen has no emergency power.

We hadn't considered a problem beforehand. Our equipment room is in the basement. And there was no more light there. But Thorstens order and the headlamps / flashlights took care of it, that we could get everything into our equipment bus.

The video session was moved forward, because the rooms were empty anyway, so that in the end all problems could be fixed. All? All but one. Since the power outage, the hotel's internet has stopped working. Everyone sat in his room, tried and cursed. Everyone believed, the fault with him and his computer. Until we heard, that the internet has problems in the hotel. It didn't work until the next day and since then it has been regularly canceled. The technician comes and drives. The problem remains.

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