We are… one Team


Today is the day of departure. It's been ten days now, that we crouched on top of each other almost continuously with more than sixty people. Girls, I am so proud of you! Like us in the scarce time of many years (and also some short ones) League competitors have grown together into one unit, was just great.

I already told some of you yesterday: I do not know, how to go back to normal work in the office on Tuesday, instead of worrying about a bunch of motivated female athletes, who have gone through every plan and every change without complaint or grumbling, be it impossible meal times (9:45 Uhr “Having lunch”), Training in the brush, delayed bus, fluctuating internet or other imponderables, Which one would only have shaken one's head morosely at home. The atmosphere was always great (maybe the great weather played its part) and for that I thank you.

I'm glad, that everyone pulled together and also, that nobody was seriously injured. Hopefully we'll make it onto a podium next time. My special thanks also go to the sponsors, us with Sach- and donations (Mr. Becher, DB Schenker, Rüsselsheim Wolfpack) have considered. Anzak has provided the van for us, which made it possible to take everything with you, including an emergency generator. Thanks to Natalie Munderloh and PanTrac for the T-shirts and lanyards, Real estate scout for the baseball caps. The chic jerseys come from Future Sports, Legamaster's office supplies. Everyone was grateful for the personal drinking bottles from Trinkflaschenexpress, the trainers also on the scaffolding in Strausberg from the Stötzel company and the invitation to bowling at the end of the camp in Strausberg by the racket center ensured the fun. And very important: Thanks to the many battle travelers who traveled with us, we had the best fan block of all teams behind us.

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank the hardworking hands on the sideline: In addition to the coaches, these were the tireless equipment crew with Sonja Schmidt, Moni Trnobransky and Thorsten Kunert, the medical staff with Meike Behrens-Brammertz, Steffen Schwarz, Dr. Marco Ezechieli and Stephan Berger, as well as on the video camera standards Lück, an Computer & Camera Andy Gebek and everywhere (up to the sewing machine) Mariam Khamsi-Shtruc. Thank you very much, only with the help of your great work are we really ONE TEAM!

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