With terrors


This will first be my last post on the blog. It was an honor, to be able to be there at the premiere of the women's national team shank. One conclusion we will draw.

even as some stories are missing, I ask all teammates, Fans and friends, write these. Enter either directly or send me.

For me, the trip to Stockholm ended with a big fright.

I had my friend and running back coach Conny Jackel on Sunday evening take you directly in the eye clinic Frankfurt Höchst. was at this time is almost completely blind in his left eye. The cause is a retinal detachment. Yesterday she had an operation. Whether the medical practitioners were able to save the eyesight, we will in the coming days (and weeks) see.

As long as we have to wait and hope.

Update: At least light dark and moving things they can already perceive.

Update 2: The professor himself has operated. Doctors are optimistic. Above the gas horizon can already see something, even if everything is completely green. However, the vision will not be able to reach the previous state on the eye, since the point of sharpest vision is affected. I want to thank everyone for the many wishes. Who wants to ring the bell times in the next few days: 069 3106 75886. She is getting boring.

Update 3: On Friday Conny can go home. The rest time will tell

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