Photo attraction Birgit


After our game against Finland, the German team met in front of the locker rooms Team USA, the readied himself for the final straight. Disbelief pulled out more and more Americans inside pocket camera or camera phone, to an image of the tall German Defense Tackles Birgit make swivel. Birgit, from the Mainz Golden Eagles Ladies, measures an impressive 1,96 m. Jennifer Welter, her character, after all, ten years of success as a linebacker for the Dallas Diamonds, enough with their 1,57 m just approached the epaulette of Birgit's Pad.

Birgit Schwenk und Jennifer Welter

Although Birgit after the tenth photo a bit like a fairground attraction hundred years ago would probably have to feel, enjoyed it but the fun and the respect of the American Foot Baller Interior.

The other German players had to because some already more attention fight, than after the final match them to “Trikottusc” ran onto the field with the USA and Canada. Our German T-shirts and caps were just as coveted souvenirs for the ladies from overseas, like the T-shirts IWFL (US-Liga) or of Team Canada for our team.

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