bathing in ice water?!


Pork was cold, I have’ at least longer spent go in than actually splashing in the water. Anyway, I'm no more than five meters swam away from the dock, fear, the flow drives like a deaf piece of wood to Denmark!

But there were still Steffen and Marco, the yes have no inhibitions and (health most reprehensible) just so reinstürtzen! tztz…

Sonja and Wienke had to believe in it involuntarily! Wienkes quick frozen face was quite unique, But Sarah's laughter in the water well.

Fortunately, no one has swallowed the water algigen, Our doctor was in fact engaged new jump pads to practice. “kennste cat?” (quote Steffen)

beherzter Sprung ins kühle Nass
Baden Nr. 4
Baden Nr. 2
Baden Nr. 3
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