Dancing Queens…


At the end of the World Cup there was a BBQ at the hotel. All teams except the United States also participated. In German, Sweden came out with in our hotel.

The Swedes were then the team, which provided for most mood. After dinner they joined their boom box and played music. The Swedes organized a camp since January each month. That you saw while dancing now. They had even rehearsed choreography. One was it dance from Euro Vision Song Contest, the whole of Europe should join and so did now.

When freestyling, the German girls were not long in asking. All forward Ariane Parusel and with it Michelle Schaffer and Manuela Scott. Not surprising, The two players with Cheerleading Background. The Swedes were thrilled.

The mood for cooking then brought Defense Coordinator Daniel Koch, when he suddenly rushed into the middle and the audience dancing by storm. Now the dam was called gebrochen.Abwechselnd Sweden and Germany their coaches and staff on, to rock the dance floor. even Dr. Marco Ezechieli, the sake of simplicity, only Renegade or Dr. called Enchilada, had with ran, as well as physio Steffen. Germany and Sweden meant prima located, was perhaps also to the blue and yellow T Shirts Deutsche.

Even Team Canada took active with a. The Finns, however, came some very rausgeputzt and talking posh back.

After the proclamation of the all-star team (Moreover, we were able to contribute a few players) drove the Swedes back into town. With a little quieter music we celebrated until it again began to get brighter (this starts at just after one of, it was never really dark)

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