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In the WWC 2010 only women were employed as referee.

In Germany, women are as referee to high for GFL a familiar sight. A completely female crew members, there were sometimes even in one or the other Ladies Bowl. Still, this is even an unusual sight for German.

Peter Springwald chose the German women hand. All from the GFL pool and football and Officiating expect from high level. Except for the small Patzer: “Personal Foul by Number Elf, AHH, Number Elf” only we could interpret German, the performance of our women was also good.

Before the World Cup, the referees had to first agree on uniform Mechanics. Unlike the rules NCAA cooperation of the referee is not regulated the same everywhere.

During the World Cup the referees two of the best EFAF referees were placed on their side. This constantly checked the performance of referees. In addition to the feedback at half time the errors were analyzed and corrected The next day using the special referee game videos.

Whether the performance of the referees to meet the international requirements, the two men EFAF will surely decide.

I would like some feedback on a different question:

Must be women at a women's World Cup all referees?

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    Within the framework of equality and women should have the opportunity, to whistle world championships. In football this is handled the same way. Referees cope better on the field with the women.
    The players deserve the best referees, regardless of gender. A good referee will never have a whistle Men World Championships, but always needs to Women World Cup

It's not about the performance of the referees at the World Cup, but basically the facts.
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